Beauty: 10 Beauty Tips You Probably Never Knew About

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Everyone loves a make-up tip right? I also keep a notebook full of blogging ideas and when I was going through it the other day I noticed how many make-up tips I had written down so I thought I would combine them to create this post!

1. Tame those brows – Spray hairspray onto a spoolie brush and comb through your eyebrows to help them set.

2. Lines when you blend your make-up? – Use a damp beauty sponge, I’d recommend using a Beauty Blender (RRP £16 but get one on eBay for £4.75 here) or the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge. This will ensure flawless blending and it uses less product then using brushes so your products will last a bit longer too.

3. Contour novice? – Choose a contour stick (like this one) over a palette as they are much easier to use and can also create a more natural looking smoky eye if you’re doing your make-up in a rush.

 4. Made a mistake doing your make-up? – Eyeshadow fall out or has your lipstick smudged? Don’t start over but instead dip a cotton bud in micellar water and gently wipe those mistakes away.

  5.  Maximise your lipstick wear – Always apply lipstick directly from the bullet to intensify your lipstick colour. Blot with a tissue and then reapply for maximum staying power.

  6.   Change up your primer – Looking for the dream primer on a budget? Try out Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm. Nivea Post Shave Balm contains high quantities of glycerin, which will help your foundation last all day and you can get it for as cheap as £2.50!

     7.     Pump up your lips – Use a darker shade of lip liner just outside of your lip line concentrating on the cupids bow. With a pale shade, fill in the rest of your lips for a fuller finish.

     8.     Don’t use a bronzer as a contour shade – Bronzers mimic the sun and should only be applied on the high points of the face where you would tan naturally. Contour shades are cooler and are like eye shadows so apply these to emphasise hollow areas (like your cheekbones)

       9.     Don’t throw away a broken highlighter – Has your Becca Champagne Pop smashed? Mix it with some essential oil to take your strobing to the next level and this will help you achieve a dewy finish.

10.     Forgot your eyeliner? –Use a thin brush into your mascara to create a makeshift eyeliner.
These are just a few tips I’ve pieced together from reading magazines and articles online and I had them noted down for this post! I hope these tips help and hopefully you’ll learn something new (like I have!)

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Laura | Style and Sushi said...

I have never used a contour stick before, but I definitely want to buy one soon, as it might be a lot easier to use! :) x Laura

chloelxuise said...

I love the top on dipping a cotton bud in micellar water!!
Cloe X

Samantha said...

Definitely interesting tips. I didn't know a few of these.

S .x

Anonymous said...

These were such great tips! I never thought to use hairspray on a spoolie for my brows - genius!

Love Katy @ The Rawrdrobe x

Unknown said...

Such great tips! Will definitely be using some of these 😊 Xx

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