Beauty: The Liquid Lipstick Edit ft Maybelline, Revlon, Hourglass and Estee Lauder

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Liquid lipsticks are one of the biggest trends around right now in the beauty industry. Liquid lipsticks have been around for so long in the higher-end of the beauty market but only now have they appeared in Boots, Superdrug for the lower-end (more affordable market). I thought I would put together a post showing my liquid lipstick collection, which I think are good, which I think are bad and which are worth purchasing.

Whenever I have been in a Boots or Superdrug in the past 6 weeks these have been sold out EVERYTIME I go in. I knew I had to try these out as they have proved to be so popular. I have to say, in comparison to my other liquid lipsticks, these are my least favourite but if you’re a fan of scented lip products these will be a winner for you.

I picked these up on a 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug. They also had 10% for beauty card customers and another 10% student discount which made these an absolute bargain as they were still at their introductory price of £6.99. I picked up the shades Seduction, Devotion and Love. The finishes of these lipsticks are quite velvety with a hint of a gloss. I would describe these more like a lip gloss rather then a liquid lipstick. If I had to give these liquid lipsticks a rating out of ten I would give them a 5.5/10. I wasn’t overly impressed with these, but if you’re a lip gloss fan these are perfect for you.

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks - £6.99

Firstly, who doesn’t love Boots points? I always have that little mini fist pump of joy when the cashier at Boots says you can pay for these with your points and I’m like YES FREE MAKEUP! So with my Boots points I picked up two shades of the vivid matte liquid lipsticks in the shades 50 Nude Thrill and 25 Orange Shot. If I had to compare these to the Revlon versions, these are my favourite. The formula of these liquid lipsticks is much more pigmented, longer wearing and the colour range I think is just that slightly bit better. If I had to rate these out of ten, I’d give these a 7/10.

I recently featured this in my May beauty favourites (alongside my Estee lauder liquid lipstick) and this is a product that doesn’t disappoint. I received this in my most recent Cohorted beauty box and this suits my skin-tone perfectly. What’s so good about this liquid lipstick is it really stays on your lips all day, which is a total winner for me. If I had to give this liquid lipstick a rating out of ten it would be 8/10.

This liquid lipstick is probably my favourite from my collection as I reach for this almost everyday. This shade ‘extreme nude’ is an essential in my travel make-up bag. I love this shade against my skin tone and the longevity of this lipstick is so good. If I had to give this lipstick a rating out of ten it would be a 7.5/10. The hourglass opaque rouge lasts on your lips just that little bit longer.

Overall, it’s actually quite impressive the quality of the liquid lipsticks available at drugstores at the moment. I’ll definitely be picking up a few more of the Maybelline shades. My favourites are the higher end versions, both the Estee Lauder lipstick and the Hourglass but I’d only splash out those few extra pounds if they were colours I really loved, otherwise I’ll just stick to my high-street favourites which are the Maybelline vivid matte liquid lipsticks.

What do you think of these liquid lipsticks? Have you tried any of these out? Have you got any liquid lipstick recommendations?
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Anonymous said...

I really want to try a liquid lipstick!!! I love all those hourglass shades, they are gorgeous. I might have to try one of the Rimmel ones before in case I have that style of lip product! :)

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