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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Morphe Brushes Review
Morphe 12NB Palette - Beauty Bay
Morphe 35N Eyeshadow Palette - Beauty Bay
Morphe Brush Set - Beauty Bay
Morphe is a brand you've probably read a lot about recently on beauty and lifestyle blogs and it really is a brand to watch. I've only seen the brand available on Beauty Bay and so after months of wanting to try out this brand I bit the bullet and went for it. One thing immediately I noticed about Morphe is that this brand is really affordable. None of the products exceed a crazy amount at all and most products are under £20 and the brushes are £4-£8 (around about) each.
Morphe Brushes Review

Morphe Brushes Review
Morphe 12NB Palette - Beauty Bay
Morphe 35N Eyeshadow Palette - Beauty Bay
Morphe Brush Set - Beauty Bay
What I've heard about the most from other beauty blogs is the Morphe eyeshadow palettes. My favourite out of these two is the 12NB palette so far. It's very small and compact and the shades are so wearable. The colours in this palette are a mixture of shimmer and matte which makes this a perfect palette to take your eye make-up from day to night. 
Morphe Brushes Review
Morphe 12NB Palette - Beauty Bay
Every shade in this palette is incredibly wearable. I think this is such a bargain at only £11.95. I've used the matte shades as a base on top of my eyeshadow primer and then the middle shades as an all over shade and then the darker shades I'll use in my crease.
Morphe Brushes Review
Morphe 35N Eyeshadow Palette - Beauty Bay

If you're a massive eyeshadow lover you'll absolutely adore this palette. It has a mixture of neutral colours, slate colours and a few bright colours in here. All which I think go well with my brown eyes. This palette is going to be used more of a crease colour palette but I'll also use these eyeshadows wet to intensify my eyeshadow looks.

Morphe Brushes Review

Last of all it's this Morphe brush set (currently sold out but you can find a similar set here) and it was only £14. These brushes are perfect for travelling and you get a real variety in this set. You get a powder brush, blush brush, foundation, lip and eyeshadow brushes which is all you need to create perfect make-up looks on the go!
What do you think of Morphe? Which of these products do you want to try out the most? Have you tried any Morphe products?
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Anonymous said...

I love Morphe! Their brushes and eyeshadows are amazing!

xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

Sara Chergui said...

I heard so much about this brand, it seems so beautiful !


Claire said...

I only have one Morphe brush but it's fantastic, especially when cream eyeshadows, it just buffs them out so quickly :)
xxx Claire

Victoria Reilly said...

I am eyeing up so much stuff from morphe it's untrue. I checked them out initially because of what I'd heard about their brushes but everything else just looks to die for.

Vickie |

Kookii Chan said...

Those palettes look so niceeee! I love the shades in the bigger palette but the smaller palette is so much more convenient.
Kookii || Beauty By Her♥

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