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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

50 Beauty Blog Post Ideas
After 6 years of blogging (yes 6 years) though I've always blogged on and off, I've written my fair share of blog posts. I think it's really hard to constantly come up with fresh, new, up-to-date content so this is a post that is here to help you. For about a year now I've had a travel sized notebook in my everyday handbag so I can jot down blog post ideas as and when I have them. I've gone through the last few pages of my notes and I thought I'd put this post together to give you all some beauty blog post ideas.
1. Top 5 Beauty Bloggers - Why not share the love? Let your readers find some new beauty blogs to read and who knows they might share yours too.
2. Top 5 Beauty Vloggers - Vlogging is huge right now and it's really having a moment. If you're a beauty vlogger fan why not share your favourites?
3. Top 5 Beauty Books To Read - There are so many beauty books around, if you're a book worm share your favourite books!
4. Top 10 products under £10 - Go through your beauty products and pick out your favourite products under £10. Everybody loves a bargain!
5. Top 5 Drugstore Lipsticks - With some many lipsticks available from the drugstore why not share your top 5 lipsticks?
6. Top 5 Drugstore Picks - Found some amazing beauty products? Share your favourites.
7. Favourite Drugstore Foundations - Tried out all the drugstore foundations? share your top favourites and rate them out of 10.
8. Favourite Drugstore Concealers - Every brand has a range of concealers and it's so hard to pick a good one. If you rate them out of 10 you will give your readers a good honest review.
9. The eyeshadow palettes you NEED to buy - I think an eyeshadow palette is every make-up lovers weakness and there's so much available in the beauty market. 
10. Products that were not worth the hype - Bought a beauty product and been disappointed with it? Share it! You may save your readers £'s by doing so.
50 Beauty Blog Post Ideas
and here are some other ideas for when you're stuck for what you want to post...
11. Favourite MAC make-up products
12. Favourite high-end beauty products
13. Favourite make-up dupes
14. Favourite drugstore beauty products
15. Make-up wishlist
16. Travel make-up bag
17. Everyday make-up bag
18. Holiday make-up bag
19. Weekend away make-up bag
20. Interview a friend and show there make-up bag
21. Your daily skincare routine 
22. Your favourite skincare products
23. Your pamper make-up routine 
24. Your daily make-up routine
25. Your evening/night out make-up routine
26. Monthly beauty favourites
27. Shopping your make-up stash
28. Beauty Haul
29. Products that are worth the hype
30. Disappointing make-up products 
31. Beauty advice you'd tell your younger self
32. Beauty products for starting off your make-up bag
33. Budget friendly beauty products
34. How to save money shopping for beauty products
35. Top beauty tips 
36. Top skincare tips
37. Favourite beauty loyalty cards to sign up to
38. Favourite make-up brushes
39. eBay beauty bargains
40. Beauty box reviews
41. New-in Beauty Products
42. Free beauty products (from magazines)
43. Favourite beauty box
44. MAC Lipstick Collection
45. Favourite bronzers/highlighters
46. Favourite new beauty brand
47. Favourite beauty brand (e.g Urban Decay, MAC, Rimmel)
48. Favourite eyebrow products
49. Favourite beauty box product discoveries
50. A post sharing your beauty blogging tips

Hope these tips have helped you for when you're stuck for writing posts! Is there anything you'd like to see on my blog? What do you do when you're stuck for blogging ideas?
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This was SO helpful, thank you so much lovely!
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