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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Neal and Wolf Haircare Range Review
I recently (about a week ago now) got the chance to try out the newest range from Neal and Wolf. I've tried the brand before (briefly) in a beauty box not so long ago and it was a heat protection spray which I loved using and the products smell so good. I'm always a little skeptical to try out a hair brand I haven't tried out before as I am sure if you've read my blog for a long time you'll know about how I suffer with hair loss (you can read the post here).
Neal and Wolf Haircare Range Review
But having loved the first Neal and Wolf product I've tried I was really excited to give these products a go. Over the past 2 years since my surgery (which has led to my hair loss) I've really struggled with finding the right products for my hair, I've tried numerous expense brands which claim to do magical things to your hair and yet don't do anything but right now I'm really happy with my haircare routine. I've never really branched out of my product comfort zone but there's a couple of products from this collection from Neal and Wolf which I'll be repurchasing.
Neal and Wolf Haircare Range Review

Neal and Wolf Haircare Range Review
Neal and Wolf Sculpting Lotion - £12.50
If you're looking for a product which will give your hair that much needed TLC this lotion is for you. This product from Neal and Wolf is best used to help shape and hold your hair and leave it feeling textured and shiny. The best way to use this is to use about a 10p sized amount and run through your hair to leave it feeling texturised.
Neal and Wolf Haircare Range Review
Neal and Wolf Intensive Care Treatment - £13.50
Is there anything better in life then a gorgeous smelling haircare product? One thing I really love about these products from Neal and Wolf is that they not only work but they smell SO good. I've used this twice so far and I've already seen some results. Once I've showered and used this my hair feels more hydrated and has so much more life to it. It says to leave it in for 3-5 minutes but I leave it on my hair about 5-10!
Neal and Wolf Haircare Range Review
Neal and Wolf Intensive Care Shampoo - £14.50
If there's one thing I've learnt through my haircare journey it's worth investing in a good shampoo. I think this can make all the difference to your hair. If you're wanting for your hair to grow, a hair stylist once told me that the best way to apply your shampoo is from the root and really massage the shampoo in and this helps stimulate growth. She also told me that it's worth investing in a good quality shampoo as it makes all the difference. 
Neal and Wolf Haircare Range Review
Neal and Wolf Flexible Styling Hairspray - £9.50
This is a product I've only used once and that when I was off out for an event. I don't use hairspray often but when I do it has to not completely dry out your hair and it has to leave it smelling good but also holding my hairstyle. I really like this (as it smells so good) but I wouldn't recommend spending all your pennies on it unless you're a serious hairspray lover!
Neal and Wolf Haircare Range Review
Neal and Wolf Heat Protection Spray - £11.50
This heat protection spray is about £5 more expensive than the usual brand I buy but I absolutely love this spray. My hair feels less dry when I use this and it feels smooth and moisturised which I absolutely love. This heat protect leaves my hair feeling glossy too (which I am definitely not used to!)
Neal and Wolf Haircare Range Review
Neal and Wolf Nourishing Hair Oil - £12.95
 Out of all the products I've tried from this collection I would 100% buy this nourishing hair oil once it's run out and the heat protection spray again. I absolutely love this hair oil. I've tried using so many hair oils and I've never found one I really love using. I've used this every time I've showered since I've  had this and the ends of my hair feel less dry, my hair is moisturised and plus this nourishing oil has made my hair a lot more manageable to blow dry.
Overall, If you're a haircare lover like me and you are willing to spend more than average on your haircare products I'd recommend trying out Neal and Wolf. If you're looking for products which really make a difference to your hair I'd recommend the hair oil. 
Have you tried out any haircare products from Neal and Wolf? Do you have any haircare recommendations?
You can purchase Neal and Wolf products here.
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