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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

I know everyone says they want to get fitter for 2016 but this is actually something i'm going to stick to this year. I know that I'm not a fat girl as I'm a UK 10/12 and that's a very normal size for someone my age/height etc. I just want to adjust my diet a bit for 2016 (this means to cut down on those chocolate binges when it's the time of the month!)
 Being a student in my final year of my degree I find that with my assignments and this blog to write too that it's hard to commit to a gym membership. I tried the gym for a month back in October while I was at university but it was so time consuming and I found myself feeling constantly exhausted. I walk a mile to university everyday and up and down some steep hills and so that's a bit of exercise but for 2016 I want to incorporate some workouts into my daily routine which doesn't mean spending 2 hours in the gym.
So if you're like me and you want to get a little slimmer during 2016 read on... best selling author Joe Wicks from The Body Coach. It's definitely time to ditch those crazy diets and actually go for something much simpler to loose weight. Joe will teach you how to fuel your body and make the most of workouts so they only take 15 minutes. You can learn about HIIT and how you can work out less and still feel better results. It's time to take up Joe's 15 minutes workouts and try out some of the recipes from his new book and join over 50,000 others who have changed their lifestyle thanks to The Body Coach.
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