Lifestyle: 50 Ideas For Blogging On A Budget

Saturday, January 23, 2016

One thing I've learnt through blogging is to expect the best ideas when you least expect them. I love carrying around a little notebook to be able to jot down any ideas I have for blog posts. Being a student I don't have an endless budget to buy every new product. I'm always looking for new ways to blog on a budget and this post I hope will help all of you who truly love blogging and are struggling to on a budget!
So here we go...
General Post Ideas
1. Fashion Wishlist
2. Beauty Wishlist
3. Homeware Wishlist
4. (Store focused) wishlist e.g Topshop, Boohoo etc.
5. Sales Wishlist
Beauty Inspired Post Ideas
6. Shopping your make-up stash
7. Top 5 holy grail make-up products
8. Beauty products you'll always repurchase
9. Beauty product empties
10. Make-up of the day
11. Products I regret buying
12. What's in my make-up bag
13. Monthly make-up favourites
14. eBay Beauty Bargains
15. Skincare routine
16. Make-up dupes of high-end products
17. Top 5 Make-up brushes
18. Top 5 Make-up products
19. Top 5 products under £5
20. Top 5 products under £10
21. Haircare Favourites
22. Make-up Collection
23. Blogger enabled purchases
24. Products worth the hype
25. £20 Make-up face
Fashion Inspired Posts
26. Most worn fashion items
27. 3 ways to wear black jeans
28. 3 ways to wear a striped top
29. Outfits of the week
30. Outfit of the day
31. Date night outfit
32. Casual day wear outfit
Lifestyle Inspired Posts
33. 5 ways to step out your comfort zone
34. Ways to destress
35. What you wish you'd told your teenage self
36. Books you need to read
37. Breakfast ideas
38. Budgeting tips - for students, in general
39. Ways of dealing with (anxiety, panic attacks, depression)
40. Things you've learnt from blogging
More beauty inspired posts...
41. £1 beauty haul (think poundland make-up, MUA, Essence)
42. Ways of saving money on make-up (Boots card, points cards etc)
43. Budget make-up brands to try
44. Pampering on a budget
45. Affordable alternatives to more expensive products
46. Inside someone else's make-up bag (e.g best friend, sister, flatmate etc)
47. Favourite affordable lipsticks
48. Affordable drugstore beauty haul
49. Favourite beauty bloggers
50. Make-up organisation tips and ideas
I hope that when you're next feeling strapped for cash, you remember that to blog you don't need to have a lot of disposable income. I don't and I'm a student. It's about working with what you have and trying something new. I hope this posts helps some of you for when you're next stuck for ideas!
Do you have any post ideas you would like to see on my blog? Have these ideas helped you?
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Caz said...

This is such a good list - i'm always looking for new ideas so i'm not writing about the same kind of thing all the time!

Caz | thisiscaz

Lucy said...

Having started Univ last year and still wanting to blog without any proper income, this post is a lifesaver! Thank you!Xx

Casestreetx said...

Thank you for posting this. I was honestly running out of ideas; sometimes I can never think of them but this has really helped me!xxx

Nora said...

Great post ! thank u xxxx Nora

Unknown said...

ah I really needed this post, was having a thinkers block! haha Thank you :)

Jess D said...

This is really good idea!

Unknown said...

Love this post! Great ideas I can actually use on my blog since I discuss beauty and fashion!


Chichi said...

Thanks for this! I'm a blogger on a budget and I was in need of some inspiration!


ALYSSA MAY said...

Amazing post, thank you for this! xo, ALYSSA-MAY.COM

Unknown said...

Bookmarked this! I'm a student as well and its definitely something I struggle with. There are a lot of things on here I haven't thought of posting. Thank you!!

Unknown said...

this is such a helpful post, thanks x

Unknown said...

Love this post, so many good ideas! Might try a couple x

Unknown said...

Great Read AND great feed back.. Thank you! :)

Beautyasti1 said...

Thank you for sharing the inspiring post. Good job, dear.. Will follow the steps :)

Anonymous said...

these lists are always so helpful and inspiring! thanks for sharing <3

XO Sahra
Que Sera Sahra

Jessica Wilson said...
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Unknown said...

So many ideas! I used to do Ebay Bargains but haven't in so long! I love to read Whats In My Makeup bag Type of posts x

Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

Unknown said...

I adored the lifestyle posts, they've sparked some great ideas and i'm so excited to write them!

lovely post,
Daizy from|

Frances Hemmant said...

Such a fab post!!! Amazing ideas, blogging really isn't cheap at times. Given me so much inspiration ✨✨ xxx

Unknown said...

Great ideas! As a fellow student too I definitely agree with you that sometimes blogging on a budget can be a little tight. Although you've certainly proved there is plenty you can write about without spending too much money! Personally I like writing advice posts, helping others is free and such a positive thing to write about :)

Toni x

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