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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Top 15 Beauty Products of 2015
I've been working a long time on this post. I love nothing more then when I feel so inspired to write content on my blog. I've drafted 5 blog posts so far today! It makes me feel so organised and it's so nice to have blog content all ready to upload rather then to sit and spend the next 2 hours writing a post. I love this side of blogging, where sometimes you can be full of so many ideas you don't know when to stop writing/drafting posts. I've seen loads of 'top beauty products' posts go round the block but I thought I'd do my own spin on things and share with you all my top 15 beauty products of 2015.

I've already posted my top 5 beauty products but this was mainly my 'december favourites' post looking back on it. I've gone through my whole make-up collection (well my make-up collection at home and not at university) and picked out my top 15 favourite products and some of these will have featured in my top 5 beauty products post but a lot of these products I haven't been able to put down all year.
Top 15 Beauty Products of 2015
1. Urban Decay Naked Setting Spray

The Urban Decay Setting Spray really is worth the hype. I really don't know why I didn't have this product in my life sooner as I don't know where I'd be without it now. Whenever I used to give my boyfriend a hug i'd always get make-up on his shirt. He always hated it and since I have this product in my life it's not happened since. It makes me feel like I haven't got any make-up on, the spray works so well on eyeshadow brushes when you're doing your make-up to make it more intense too if you give the brush you're using a quick spritz before you start applying eyeshadow. I've even written a whole review about this spray (yes it has it's own post) and you can check it out here.

2. MaryLou Manizer Highlighter by TheBalm

You've probably read a million and one reviews about this product and clicked on the link in the post and thought £17.50 for a highlighter?! Well this is another product which is worth the hype (otherwise it wouldn't have made this post) if you're a girl who loves her highlight and doesn't want to splash out on the Becca x Jaclyn Hill champagne pop, this highlighter is for you.

3. NYX Tinted Brow Mascara

Being a dark brown haired lady, I always struggle when it comes to finding the perfect brow product. Up until the middle of this year I always reached for the gimme brow product by Benefit but It's just far too expensive. I have nothing against Benefit products but nearly nearly £20 on a brow mascara? I needed to find something cheaper. Then I discovered NYX. I'm yet to be disappointed by a product they do. I absolutely love this brow mascara and it's an absolute steal at £5.50
Top 15 Beauty Products of 2015
4. L'Oreal True Match  Powder 

Despite falling a little bit in love with the Urban Decay setting spray I still feel the need to use a powder as sometimes my skin feels a little oily. This powder I use alongside the foundation in the shade 4N and I have to say it's absolutely amazing. At £6.99 it's a total bargain too. 

5. NYX Tame and Brow Pomade

I'm a blogger who loves her eyebrows, with having super dark hair I feel the need to get them threaded as often as I can, and keep them looking as 'on fleek' as possible. After binge watching beauty videos on youtube one hungover Sunday I discovered the NYX Tame and Brow Pomade. I've heard a lot about the Anastacia beverley hills pomade but it's just a little bit expensive. This product I use everyday on my brows and it keeps them looking full and sleek. Yet again, this is another bargain of a NYX product at only £5.50.

6. Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palete in 03

This palette you will have seen has featured a few times on my blog lately as I absolutely love it. The colour range is absolutely gorgeous and it's the perfect palette to use for a neutral eye look. You can check out my other post featuring this palette here.

7 and 8. MAC Lipstick in Taupe and MAC Lip Liner in Spice 

I love using MAC's Taupe lipstick and spice lipliner together. I absolutely adore this combination. It's what I reach for everyday when I'm doing my make-up routine and if you're a mac lipstick lover and a lover of nude lipsticks you'll absolutely love this. You can check out my blog post featuring Taupe here
Top 15 Beauty Products of 2015
9. Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette

This is the newest edition to my make-up collection and it's all thanks to my boyfriend. Didn't he do well getting me this for christmas? I absolutely love it. I've never been disappointed by an Urban Decay eyeshadow palette and this is the palette I reached for when I was creating my new year's eve make-up look.

10. Real Techniques Complexion Sponge*

Now this is a product I'm a massive fan of. When I'm doing my make-up this is what I use to blend in my foundation a little bit more and apply concealer. (The one used in the photos is one I received in a beauty box and haven't used yet) You can pick this up super cheap on Amazon or it's normally on offer in Superdrug.
Top 15 Beauty Products of 2015
11. Tarte 'Lights Camera Flashes' Mascara*

This mascara came into my life thanks to last months 'Look Incredible Beauty Box' and firstly this beauty box is absolutely amazing and secondly so is this mascara. I've heard so many good things about Tarte products but I never know where you can buy Tarte products (aside from in America). I absolutely love this mascara as it's so great at making my eyelashes look fuller and longer.

12. MAC Lipstick in Velvet Teddy

This is another MAC nude lipstick that's featured in my 'Top 5 MAC Nude Lipsticks' post. Velvet Teddy is a lipstick that suits all skin tones and it's a very pigmented matte lipstick.

13. Soap and Glory Solar Powder

This is a product I was introduced to after watching Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup's videos and with a recommendation from her, you know you won't be disappointed. Soap and Glory make-up products are a little bit more expensive then your Rimmel products and Collection products but they are worth those few extra pennies. This is a great bronzer for any skin tone and it's so easy to build up if you want a heavier bronzed look or you can just give yourself a light dusting of bronzer with this too.
Top 15 Beauty Products of 2015
14. Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette

Zoeva is a brand I'd love to have more from in my make-up collection. I remember having a Beautybay voucher earlier this year and I went straight to putting some Zoeva products in my basket. I picked up this palette and boy is this palette beautiful. Their are a really good range of colours, they're highly pigmented eyeshadows and there's a mixture of mattes and shimmer colours. It is a beauty steal when it's only £15.50. I can't wait to add some more Zoeva palettes to my collection as I'm lusting after the rose golden palette and the naturally yours palette.

15. Urban Decay Subversion Mascara Primer*

This product was probably the biggest surprise for me as I didn't really know is mascara primers were a thing but back in november (you can check out the post here) I was introduced to this primer and oh my god it works like a dream. I use this when I remember to (as sometimes I forget) and it really does make a difference to your lashes. So many people have asked me what fake eyelashes do I use and when I tell them it's a mascara primer they're shocked!

I hope you've enjoyed this post as much as I've enjoyed putting it together!

What products have you tried from this list? Have you got any beauty recommendations for me to try?
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Unknown said...

Heard lots of good things about the Urban Decay setting spray and am so tempted to purchase it! Off to read your dedicated post on it now!

Lucy x

Unknown said...

I have heard so many great things about the Urban Decay setting spray, I need to buy it as i always get my make-up on either my top or like you said on your boyfriends top! x

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