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Sunday, January 10, 2016

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I think this year will be the year that hopefully I'll be seen as a beauty blogger and not just a fashion blogger. Don't get me wrong I love fashion blogging but I found myself buying clothes just so I could 'blog about them'. I would rather blog about a range of things and one of my other passions is beauty. Over the past few years I've fallen in love with make-up and I now have an obsession with beauty boxes too. So I thought I'd put together a post sharing with you 100 beauty blogging prompts (you know just in case you have a bit of bloggers block!)

The Best of Beauty 
1. Top 5 Lipsticks
2. Top 5 Foundations
3. Top 5 Primers
4. Top 5 Nail Polishes
5. Top 5 Eyeliners
6. Top 5 Mascaras
7. Top 5 Highlighters
8. Top 5 Eyeshadow Palettes
9. Top 5 Drugstore Products
10.Top 5 Beauty must haves

High-end Beauty
1. Top high end beauty products
2. Top high end eyeshadow palettes
3. Top high end lipsticks
4. Top 5 MAC Lipsticks
5. Top high end foundations
beauty blog, beauty blogger, beauty blog ideas
1. Your favourite haircare products
2. Your haircare routine
3. The haircare tools you use
4. Best haircare conditioning treatments
5. Favourite haircare brand

What you're carrying in your...
1. Travel make-up bag
2. Everyday make-up bag
3. Holiday make-up bag
4. Weekend away make-up bag
5. Your friends make-up bag (interview a friend to see their make-up essentials)

Share some blogger love
1. Top beauty blogs to read
2. Favourite beauty Instagram accounts
3. Favourite Twitter accounts
4. Favourite Youtube channels to watch
5. Blogs you must follow

What you're lusting after...
1. Weekly wishlist
2. Monthly wishlist
3. Pay-day wishlist
4. Birthday wishlist
5. Christmas wishlist

1. Top 5 make-up tutorials on youtube
2. Your everyday make-up routine
3. Your birthday make-up look
4. Your christmas/NYE make-up look
5. Your daily skincare routine
6. Your pamper routine
7. Smokey eye make-up tutorial
8. Eyebrow tutorial
9. Glam evening make-up tutorial
10. Date night make-up look
beauty blog, beauty blogger, beauty blog ideas
1. Favourite red lipsticks
2. Favourite nude lipsticks
3. Favourite lipsticks of all time
4. MAC lipstick collection
5. Drugstore lipstick collection

Beauty reading
1. Top beauty books to go out and purchase
2. Top beauty blogs to read
3. Beauty blogs to watch for 2016
4. Favourite beauty magazines
5. Favourite beauty websites

Monthly themed features
1. Monthly favourites
2. Make-up rediscoveries
3. Beauty haul
4. Shopping your stash
5. Products not worth the hype

1. Your fragrance collection
2. Your fragrance wishlist
3. Your current candle collection
4. Your top 5 fragrances
5. Your favourite fragrance
beauty blog, beauty blogger, beauty blog ideas
Beauty advice
1. Benefits of using coconut oil
2. Beauty advice you'd tell your younger self
3. Top beauty tips
4. Top skincare tips
5. How to save money shopping for beauty products
6. Favourite beauty loyalty cards (e.g Boots, Superdrug, Debenhams)
7. Advice for your teenage self
8. Beginners make-up essentials
9. Top beauty products (worth the splurge)
10. Favourite affordable beauty products

Brand love
1. Favourite MAC make-up products
2. Favourite Rimmel make-up products
3. Favourite theBalm make-up products
4. Favourite Urban Decay products
5. Favourite Max Factor products

(or any make-up brand you're loving in general)

Season themed
1. Top 5 winter lipsticks
2. Top winter products for dry skin
3. Favourite winter nail polishes
4. Winter make-up routine
5. Party ready make-up picks

1. Favourite make-up brushes
2. Top make-up brushes for beginners
3. Where to buy cheaper make-up products
4. Favourite beauty websites (include offers & discount codes)
5. Products not worth the hype
6. Products you will be repurchasing
7. Favourite beauty products of all time
8. Favourite beauty box
9. Beauty box reviews
10. Seasonal make-up favourites
11. Disappointing make-up products
12. Current beauty releases
13. Best of the new in beauty products
14. Free beauty products (from magazines)
15. The make-up products you can't leave the house without.

This has taken me over an hour to write but I've had a good look in my blogging notebook and these are just a few of the ideas I've come up with. Don't get me wrong we all have those days where we run out of inspiration. I'm going to be referring to this post myself for when I'm next stuck for ideas!

I would love to know if you've found these beauty blogging prompts useful!
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diaryofanonsensicaltwentysomething said...

I've bookmarked this! Thanks for this post, it will definitely come in handy for me xx

Unknown said...

I only do an add beauty post but I love these ideas xo

Moments Musicaux said...

Really useful! I've saved this, it'll be a helping hand! :)

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These are pretty great ideas !


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This is such a helpful post! Thank you xxx

lovely post,
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Yiota said...

Great list! I saved it for future reference, thanks! :)

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So many ideas! Such a good post. It is hard when you get in bloggers block, it just takes time.
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