Lifestyle: 10 'Friends' Jokes We'll Always Laugh At

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

If I'm having a down day the first thing I do is switch Friends on TV. It's been my favourite show for some many years now and it always manages to cheer me up, especially on a bad day. I love the jokes in Friends so I thought I'd put this post together to (hopefully) cheer you up if you're not having the best of days!
1. When Joey bought a man bag from Ralph Lauren 
2. When Phoebe said what we were all thinking... 
3. The flash back video from Monica and Rachel's prom 
4. When Ross went to get a fake tan
5. When Joey made sense when he gave Rachel love advice
6. When Rachel gave all the candy away
7. When Ross Went To A&E with Joey

8. When Phoebe taught us to be sassy

9. The time when Rachel put beef in the trifle
When Monica fort back at everyone
Hope you all enjoyed this post and reading a little something different! Right now I'm off to watch some more Friends...
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