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Friday, October 09, 2015

I have to admit it, I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to photo editing apps for my iPhone. When I'm bored (or have no service on my phone) I edit some of the latest photos on my phone to just try out some new settings and filters. I'm trying to up my Instagram game (you can follow me here) and so I thought I'd share my top 5 editing apps I like to use before I upload a photo.

1. VSCOCam (Free)

I love the variety of filters that VSCOCam has. I think over the past year or so (no idea how long I've had this app) I've ended up buying some of the extra photo packs as I use the application so much. I love upping the exposure on the filters and my favourite photos to use are O5, A5, A6 and F2.

2. Enlight (£2.99)

Enlight is an app I don't see being talked about a lot on blogs but I absolutely love it. I can't remember where I discovered it but it is well worth downloading. I like adjusting the image and using the 'vivid' filter. Clarity is also a great setting if you want to sharpen the photo or brighten it. I really like the filters this app has and my favourite are Mimesis, Russet and Fuji.

3. Moldiv (Free)

Moldiv is a photo app which I've only recently discovered. I have used pic frame for years but this app has so many different frame options. This app is perfect if you want to create a collage or just make an Instagram photo look more interesting.

4.Afterlight (£0.79)

So you have all probably heard about Afterlight by now. It's been one of the most popular photo editing apps for a while now and it's a great one at that. This app is great for brightening photos, clarifying them, saturation and contrast. There are so many filters on this app to use. I love the 'seasons' filters when I want to make an image look more summery but my favourite filter is on the 'guest' setting and the filter is called russ. 

5. Faded (£0.79)

If you're a fan of Afterlight you'll love this app. Faded is a bit like Afterlight in a few ways but it's also very different. If you click on the 'clean' setting they're are so many filters to choose from. I could literally spend hours on this app editing photos it's so quick and easy to use as well.

What are your favourite photo editing apps for your phone? Let me know what your favourite apps are!
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Rhiannon said...

I love using my VSCOcam app - and still can't believe it's free! Definitely want to try out the Afterlight app :) x

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Anonymous said...

Afterlight I think it's the best mobile photo editor. I use it every day, all the useful features and works fine. Sometimes even replace my macphun pc editor. Thank you for useful article!

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