Lifestyle: Student Healthy Meal Ideas #1

Saturday, September 26, 2015

One thing I’d love to get more into is food blogging. Being a university student it isn’t the easiest of things to keep healthy. Over the summer I seem to have become a little obsessed with fitness and healthy eating books and I even joined the gym at university! I joined last year but just for classes but now I’m forcing myself to do the gym (which basically means treadmills and exercise bikes) 

 So as the year goes on I probably won’t have the most amount of free time in the world to blog but don’t worry I’m not giving up blogging! So you may see even more of a variety of posts. 

 I thought today I’d delve into showing you all a simple (but easy student meal to make). I’ve recently moved into a new house as so I don’t have Internet at the moment, which is definitely not ideal. I normally spend hours making wish lists and posts but use the Internet as inspiration and now I have to change my blogging routine completely!
First of all you'll need a fillet of salmon (or two) depending on how hungry you are. A lemon, sweet potato and a bag of florette salad (or any salad you have) but as you can see there's minimal ingredients needed for this meal! I decided on only having one sweet potato in the end and I washed it, peeled it and chopped it up and put it with sunflower oil onto the tray. I preheated the oven to 200 degrees (probably should have used 180) and seasoned the sweet potato fries. These will take between 40 mins-1 hour to cook. Next up was the salmon. I used some butter to grease the kitchen foil and placed the salmon on top. I seasoned the salmon with garlic powder, mixed herbs and sliced the lemon on top and squeezed lemon onto it for extra flavour. I then wrapped the salmon up like a parcel and popped it in the oven for 20 minutes. What I love about this meal is it requires very little washing up (win!) I managed to leave my sweet potato fries in for too long but they were still yummy. I added some florette salad with some balsamic vinegar for extra flavour. There we have it, seasoned salmon with sweet potato fries and salad yum!

What do you love cooking at the moment? Have any healthy dinner ideas for me to try out?
You can check out other ideas for low calorie meals on the Florette website. 
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Lucy said...

Looks sooo delicious! I've just started uni and can't wait to see what other meals you come up with!Xx

Unknown said...

This looks really good! I remember being in university hoping that todays 'special of the day' was edible and full of nutrition. I loved making salads while adding chicken or fish to accompany it.

I love making baked chicken with asparagus or mixed veggies. =)

Have fun cooking!

Unknown said...

This is looking so delicious !


thriftylilpixie said...

Oh I love this! It's so hard to motivate yourself to eat healthy in college and not just opt for takeaway!

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