Fashion: 5 Ways To Re-Inspire You When You Hate Everything In Your Wardrobe

Sunday, August 02, 2015

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We all have those days where we open up our wardrobes and we hate everything we see. It tends to happen every few months for me and I am always searching for ways to reinvent my style. I love to try new trends but I'm still finding out what suits me. So I thought I'd share with you all my tips and tricks of what inspires me, where to shop and just tips for developing your personal style!
1. Keep an inspiration folder on your Laptop/Phone/Ipad
The amount of times I come across images on Pinterest (you can follow me here) Tumblr, Instagram of outfits I love I decided to make a folder. I look at this folder when I want to do some online shop, need some inspiration for outfit posts on my blog or just want some outfit inspiration for the day. The ASOS personal stylists are great to follow on Pinterest I recommend following MeganIsabella and Gamze for some style inspiration!

2. Follow your favourite brands via social media
This may sound silly as most of us will already follow our favourite brands on social media but I find that each brand comes across differently on each social platform. I love Pretty Little Thing's Instagram when I'm stuck for inspiration, New Look's Twitter as they always retweet bloggers/customers wearing their clothes and Toyshop's Facebook page as it's full of albums of photos of girls looking seriously stylish!
3. Buy Magazines
I know magazines are now getting more and more expensive but I still love buying them. I've learnt so much about fashion from Elle magazine and I love buying it for street style inspiration and fashion edits. My favourite magazine you don't even technically buy and that's ASOS magazine. If you're a premier customer you get these monthly in the post and each issue really inspires me and I cut out my favourite images to make a mood board or stick in my notebook for inspiration!
4. Aimlessly browse your favourite fashion sites and add what you love in the 'save for later' basket
This tip is my favourite, especially when it comes to purchasing clothes on ASOS. The amount of times I've loved something on ASOS, didn't want to pay full price and a week or so later it's been reduced (win!) but this is great for generating ideas for outfits and ways to re-inspire you as you may have a similar item already in your wardrobe you just need a new idea for a way to wear it!
5. Get rid of a some unwanted clothes
It's so easy to hoard clothes nowadays. With 6 years of fashion blogging I have hoarded so many clothes in my time and it's still hard to let go of items of clothing! I've said to myself when I decide I won't wear something again (i.e holiday clothes cause it doesn't even feel like summer in England) I'll add them onto Depop (my username is @fashiontrain) It's not because I don't like the clothes I just don't think i'll get as much wear out of them when I should! Also this way means you can totally justify that purchase of those new jeans in River Island cause you sold some old clothes!
Hope you like my tips for ways to re-inspire yourself when you're hating your wardrobe! 
What ways help you when you are stuck in a clothing rut?
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N said...

Needed this at the minute. A good clear out is definitely in order - thank you!

- Natalie |

Unknown said...

Great post, lovely ideas! :-)

Jayne Emma said...

Great post, fashion magazines are endless sources of inspirations for me as well as my favourite bloggers, I live for asos saved later too x

Electra Violet ||

Holl JC said...

Love this Becca! x

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