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Friday, August 28, 2015

Coconut Oil - MyProtein

I'm trying to jump on the healthy food bandwagon (I say try here) and recently after interning I was introduced to coconut oil. I have a cookbook (Madeleine Shaw's Get The Glow) and she raves about coconut oil in this book and uses it a lot for the recipes. One of my friends has always use coconut oil on her hair so I thought I'd research into a few other ways you can use coconut oil!

1. Use it as an eye make up remover - Rub coconut oil into your skin and wipe it off with a warm cloth. 

2. Add coconut oil to food and drinks for daily energy

3. Use it on your lips as a lip balm

4. As a natural hair mask (one of my friends does this and swears by it!) you rub it into your hands and smooth it through the ends of your hair to prevent breakage.

5. Use it as a nail treatment - You can rub it on your nails to help your cuticles grow.

6. Use it as a hair mask - Mix Coconut Oil and Honey for a hydrating face mask. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and rinse.

7. Use it as a daily moisturiser - Use coconut oil as a moisturiser for your skin. It sinks in really quickly and leaves your skin feeling super smooth.

8. Use Coconut Oil as a shaving cream - This one seems like a strange one but it actually works. Use coconut oil as a shaving cream for a close shave and it's great for if you have quite sensitive skin.

9. Use Coconut Oil for cooking - Probably one of it's more well known for uses. Loads of healthy food/cooking bloggers swear by this stuff as an alternative to oil and to add flavour to meals.

10. Use it as a make-up cleaner - It's proven that coconut oil can help clean your make-up brushes. Use a formula that is 2 parts anti bacterial and 1 part coconut oil to leave your brushes feeling smooth.

11. Use it as a leave-in conditioner - If you have dry and dehydrated hair this is a great one for you! Apply a small amount to wet strands to seal in moisture once you've got out the shower.

12. Use it to tame flyaway hairs - Ever just finish doing your hair in the morning and then notice you have a few flyaways? well rub a penny sized amount into your hands and smooth onto your flyaway for frizz-free hair.

13. Use it as a cream for stretch marks - a lot of pregnant women swear by coconut oil for the use of stretch marks but anyone can use it for this purpose or scars to help smooth them.

14. Use Coconut Oil as an eye cream - I always hate how eye creams are so expensive so this is a great alternative. Use a penny sized amount of coconut oil on under-eye bags and fine lines.

15. Use it on bites as a soothing treatment - Just got back from holiday? well another use for coconut oil is to sooth bug bites. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you got any other uses for coconut oil?
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Unknown said...

So many unusual uses! This is great and such a good alternative to otherwise expensive products. Thanks for sharing x

Colour Me In Blog

Olivia said...

I am yet to try coconut oil, but I love how versatile it is.


Jessie Ann Lewis said...

I really need to get my hands on some coconut oil - the uses are endless! And i've heard it helps your hair grow too! xx

Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

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