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Saturday, July 25, 2015

I know there's a whole bunch of you who are doing their A-levels, waiting on results or even doing GCSE's reading this blog and I thought I'd share a bit of my education knowledge with you all. I spent so long deciding what fashion course I wanted to do at university and in 2012, when I moved to University I thought I was making the right decision. I completed a year of University in 2012 and I loved living in Birmingham but the course just wasn't for me. I then took a year out and moved universities and now I am going into the third year of my course and I'm writing this post knowing that I made 100% the right decision to move.
So here's a few tips for all you (about to be) university goers out there who want to make your 3 years/4 years at university the best possible!
1. Decide what area of Fashion you want to enter into
Since beginning this blog (way back in the day) I always thought I would want to be a fashion journalist. But as I interned, worked with pr companies through my blog I knew PR/Marketing/Social Media was the right route for me. 
There are various courses you can do at University which are Fashion related including Fashion Design, Merchandising, Styling, Buying, Photography, Marketing, Business and Public Relations. Look at courses online for places such as Huddersfield (slightly biased as this is my uni!) , UCLAN and Northumbria all have a wide range of fashion courses.
2. Look at the hours of contact time
Unless you're doing Fashion design, when you look online it will probably say that you don't have much contact hours in University. My first course at University had very minimal hours of contact time which I didn't enjoy and so when I looked for a new course I took this into consideration. My 2nd year of University I was in on average about 12 hours a week compared to around 4 hours the year before so I definitely felt like I was getting more value for money as degrees now cost around £9,000 a year.
3. Research into what previous graduates do now
We've all stalked people on Facebook and so it's time to move into Linked In stalking. When I knew my lecturers names I added them on Linked In. If you look at their connections you should be able to see what the previous graduates of the course are now doing. When I had a look to see what the graduates of my current course were doing they are in positions in marketing, public relations, buying and management with companies such as ASOS, River Island, Boohoo and popular cosmetics brands. This was one of the factors which helped me decide into how good the course was at helping finding you a job afterwards!
4. Take the location into account
When you're moving to University it's important to take location of the University into account. Birmingham was great as it's a massive city, not a far commute to London, and there is so much to do in Birmingham. The only (slight) downside to Huddersfield is is that there is not an awful lot to do in the town. It's a lovely town centre but compared to Birmingham, a massive difference. Huddersfield is close to Manchester and Leeds and York which is good if you like to go on day trips!
5. Look at the course structure and modules to help you decide
I don't think any student at university 100% loves their course. I think it's important to have a look at the course structure online. The University you are looking at will have information about the course online and you can see what you are getting yourself into. I loved how my course went into Event Planning, Marketing and PR and these are three main modules I loved the idea of studying more into. So when you're looking at University definitely take this into account.
Are you going to University? Do you want to do a Fashion degree?
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Anonymous said...

Really cool post!
I recently got my first teaching job but I still really love fashion and looking into designing shoes (clogs, specifically) with an etsy shoemaker on the side :)

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