16 Thoughts We've All Had Shopping In Topshop

Monday, July 13, 2015

Print High Neck Top - £14
Wild Flower Print Top - £26
Black Ripped Joni Jeans - £38
Stripe Drape Blouse - £38
Mid Heel Shoes - £35
Snake Print Slip Ons - £20
Culotte Jumpsuit - £26
Platform Sandals - £28

So I'm Topshop's typical consumer 20 year old female and university student. I love reading posts like this online and so I thought I'd do my own edition! I'm a sucker for all things Topshop and have been for years and I seem to own every striped top they're sold since like 2005 (oops!)

1. *Walks past a Topshop* I might just pop in and see what's new

2. I definitely NEED that basic cami top in EVERY single colour
3. Right it's totally okay to buy another pair of skinny jeans
4. Oh they have a sale section (oh that's still £30 and walks away)
5. All the staff look like supermodels and I look like i've just rolled out of bed, great
6. £8 FOR A LIPSTICK?! £8 *goes and buys it anyway*
7. Maybe I do need that white t-shirt I already have 3 of
8. Is it completely lame to pick up everything that's styled on that mannequin?
9. I'm going to get loads of wear out of that totally needed head piece/body chain this summer it's okay if it's £25
10. I wish my bank balance was bigger
11. Can I really be bothered with this changing room queue?
12. It's okay I'll buy it all now and return everything I don't like in the next week *and forgets*
13. Head to the till with two items... oh Carmex! oh skittles! I definitely need those
14. Where is my student discount *prays student card is still in my purse*
15. It's okay to spend £75 on this shop because they won't have new clothes in for ages and these are style staples.
16. *Walks past Topshop the following week* oops I'm back here again

Can you relate to any of these? What other thoughts have you had whilst shopping in Topshop?
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Jenny said...

I may or may not be guilty of buyin their camis in every colour...I have the ribbbed, crop one in coral, baby blue, black and mustard. Oh and 95% of my vests are theirs! In every shade going!

Jessie | said...

I work in Topshop/Miss Selfridge and go through this struggle every day haha! My bank balance seriously hates me. xx

Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

toastoclock said...

I 100% agree with all of these, what a great post! XOXO

Jenny Wilson | That Northern Gal said...

I've just read an article like this on Cosmopolitans website but all I could think whilst reading it was am I the only one who thinks "well this is all overpriced rubbish!" I don't know why but I very rarely find anything I like in Topshop - suppose its good for my bank balance though! :-)x

Jenny | That Northern Gal

Unknown said...

Haha, I totally agree with all of these! It's live you've written down my exact thoughts. Topshop always manages to put me in a weird hypnotic state! x

ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

Anonymous said...

what a cute and humorous post! Love it!

Unknown said...

ha ha very good post considering I'm returning to blogging after a big break! remember me?

I've really missed your blog whilst I've been away!
Missy x

Ria said...

Number #14 makes me sad cause I think that and remember - I'm not a student anymore! Sad times but this post did make me giggle quite a bit, especially no #4! Xx

girl_upnorth said...

"I can get the same top in Primark for half the price"

hahaa! I might be in the minority but I just don't 'get' Topshop a lot of the time, don't get me wrong they do some lovely pieces but a lot of it is very overpriced for what it is I think!

Jade x
Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

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