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Monday, June 22, 2015

I think this is an issue, which isn’t spoken about enough. Intimate health is something that affects all of us and there’s so many issues that people would rather not talk about.

Vagisil recently spoke to 2,000 British women about intimate health and the results were really surprising. It’s shocking how high the embarrassment levels we have about this issue but how important talking about intimate health is.

Nearly half of women (47%) are embarrassed to say the word ‘vagina’ if it came up in day-to-day conversation and nearly two in five women feel embarrassed if the word vagina was mentioned to them.

Nearly a third of women are too embarrassed to talk about intimate health to a GP. Whenever I’ve had any sort of issue over the years I always see a GP about it. I always go in thinking that they’re seen this a million times before, it’s their job to know what’s wrong and there’s nothing to feel embarrassed about.

Vagisil is on a mission to end the embarrassment that exists around intimate health. Apparently the older we get the more open we are to talk about intimate health, but for those of you who are still embarrassed at the thought of talking about intimate health here are some tips to overcome your embarrassment.

-       Take a deep breath and handle the problem straight on
-       Act confident and be brave
-       Be aware that you are not alone
-       Be open and honest
-       Remember that doctors have seen it all before

As an expert of intimate health, Vagisil’s range of daily care products are made to look at the health of your intimate area. Dr Adelaide Nardone, Gynaecologist and Womens health expert recommends using a ‘gentle wash, wearing cotton underwear helps to wick away moisture and showering promptly after exercise or activities that cause you to perspire and if you have a problem to go see a GP.’

You can check out the video for the campaign here:

What do you think when it comes to discussing intimate health?

This post is sponsored by Vagisil but all opinions are my own*
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courtzmelv said...

This sounds like a great campaign, woman's intimate health is something i think we are all embarrassed of, i know for sure i am. Hopefully this campaign will help end the embarrassment woman suffer.

Courtney |

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