Beauty: How To Make The Most Out Of Your Make-up Bag

Monday, May 11, 2015

The idea of this post came from doing my make-up a few days ago and thinking about how I use the real techniques brushes for different purposes and made me think on how you can use your make-up products for more than one purpose and here are my favourites. 
1.  Use a lipgloss as a highlighter to give the look of dewy skin after you've done your foundation.
2. Use brown mascara to tame your eyebrows. I've done this a few times as sometimes in my on the 
go make-up bag I forgot to add in my eyebrow gel!
3. Use a dark eyeshadow to contour your face.
4. Prime your eyes for eyeshadow by using concealer instead of an eyeshadow primer.
5. Illuminate your brow bone with concealer.
6. Use cream blusher as a lipstick tint.
7. Instead of using a brow shadow palette for your eyebrows use a dark eyeshadow.
8. Use your mascara as an eyeliner to create a perfect feline flick.
What are your beauty tips for making the most out of your make-up bag?
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Anonymous said...

I love posts like this - so cool to hear other people's beauty tips and see how versatile products can be!
Nicola x (@itsneecola)

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