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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I never thought I'd find an email like this so interesting. I'm bombarded with such random emails everyday and this one caught my eye. Connexica is a company that offers a data analysis tool called CXAIR. They turned to analysing the value of Easter Eggs this week and It was so interesting to find out what's value for money, what's not and just a little more in-sight into the product we'll all be buying this week!

With so many Easter Eggs in the shops at the moment, what's the best value egg for your money? I found this problem in M&S with my mum a few days ago. We ended up picking chocolate eggs for me and my sisters which were more value for money rather than then the more expensive option. So here's what Connexica have discovered from their Easter egg analysis...

High Quality Or High Price?
This chart shows the average price of an egg per 100g. This chart shows Aldi were the best value for money and Morrisons, Sainsburys and Asda were very similar. 

Best Value for Money
This graph shows which is best value for money for Easter eggs and Aldi came out on top with their own brand as the cheapest chocolate and as you can see Waitrose is the most expensive again! This is just a little snippet into the data Connexica collected. You can check out more on their blog here.

Happy Easter Egg Shopping!
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