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Sunday, January 11, 2015

I'm a massive fan of Real Techniques brushes and so I thought i'd put together my ultimate Top 5 Real Techniques brushes together in a post. I've featured a lot of the Real Techniques brushes on here before, you can read posts about them here, here, here and here.
1. Buffing Brush (Part of the Core Collection Set) - Amazon

One thing I shall say if you won't find the Core Collection Set any cheap than it is on Amazon. You can find this set on Amazon here. This is probably one of the best things I've ever bought make-up wise. You can read my full review on the set here. The buffing brush is my favourite from this collection. I use it pretty much everyday to apply my foundation! If there's one make-up brush set you buy this year make it this one!

2. Setting Brush - Amazon

This brush is pretty much a miracle brush. I use it to apply concealer with but sometimes for bronzing or using for powder when I don't use the multi-task brush! It's a great brush and really helps blend the product in well.
3. Cheek Brush (Part of Nic's Picks Collection Set) - Amazon

This set is a recent addition to my Real Techniques collection but i've fallen in love with the cheek brush. It's great for applying powder to your face, applying blush or applying a powder highlighter. I haven't gone anywhere without this brush in my make-up bag!
4. Contour Brush (Part of Core Collection Set) - Feel Unique

I've been a massive fan of this brush for so long now. It's perfect for adding bronzer and contouring. It's so easy to use and it's the perfect shape too. This is definitely a make-up essential for any girls handbag!
5. Miracle Complexion Sponge - Amazon

At only £4.79 this sponge is a fraction of it's retail price on Amazon. If you're a student with an NUS card it's worth downloading the NUS extra smartphone app to get a further 5% off purchases on Amazon. Which is even more of a bargain! This sponge is so good for blending in concealer and foundation and making your application look flawless!

What do you think of real techniques brushes? Which brushes are your favourite?
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Kasope said...

I love real techniques and I'm so shocked that there are so many I haven't tried. Need to invest in the setting brush and complexion sponge!

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Joanna. said...

I bought the core collection ages ago and this month treated myself to another main face buffing brush and a stippling brush. I love the collection so, so much! Cannot wait to try out the Bold Metal collection.

Unknown said...

I love real techniques brushes !

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Unknown said...

Real techniques are my favourite! Can't wait to purchase more of them!


Unknown said...

I have every brush except the cheek brush. I absolutely love real technique brushes. The sponge is by far my favorite.


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