Ways To Re-Vamp Your Style (Without Spending Too Much!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I think we're all going through that phase where whenever you look on the high-street there's nothing which takes your fancy, you open up your wardrobe and you're stood there like WHAT AM I GOING TO WHERE? Well I'm gradually getting myself out of this rut and here's how I've done it!
First of all, open up your wardrobe (this is my uni wardrobe) sorry it's a bit dark it's not very light in my room! I'd say the first thing to do is really have a look at your wardrobe. Figure out what you won't wear anymore and try and put outfits together and pair them up in your wardrobe to help generate some inspiration!
Next pick up some fashion magazines (These are my current magazines on my desk) and rip out all the things which inspire you. Whether it's a pair of jeans or what a celebrities wearing everything is useful!
Paris Street Style Book - Amazon

I love reading this book for inspiration at the moment! I picked this up from Amazon and it was well worth the £11. I like looking at all the outfits inside it and they have great fashion tips in the book too!
I then compile all my inspiration on a moodboard or blue tack it to my wardrobe when I'm stuck for outfit inspiration. Another thing I do when I'm online shopping is I have a folder called 'fashion/outfits' which I have all the images which inspire me inside from Tumblr, Blogs and Pinterest. Here's a few of my photos in the folder on a moodboard (which might inspire you!)

Then I head over to my favourite sites such as ASOS, Topshop and Missguided and have a little browse before I head into town or start planning my next proper shopping trip to Leeds or Manchester (most likely Manchester though!) I use the moodboard I've made from magazines and my inspiration folder on my laptop to help me shop and at this point I'll usually get distracted and make an ASOS order!

I always go shopping with an idea in my head about what I'd like to add into my wardrobe as it gives you something to aim for. I also find that sometimes It's better to try the things you like on in-store before shopping online and trying to save a few £'s trying to find a cheaper version!

I find that now I'm really interested in key 'statement pieces' to add to my wardrobe instead of cheaper throw away items. I'm currently on the look out for a good coat!

What did you think of this post? Are you inspired to revamp your style for Autumn/Winter?
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AVY said...

Autumn always inspires me to do all sorts of things.


Anonymous said...

Very cool post ! xox


Collage Me Pretty said...

I love your inspiration moodboard! I always look on instagram for inspiration :)

Tanya said...

These are really great tips!

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