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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Models Own Beach Bag - ASOS
I feel a little bit late only just hopping onto the Models Own Beach Bag bandwagon. It feels like it's been raved about for months but every time I've gone out with the intention of buying it it's never in stock! So recently when Models Own did their 6 for £20 offer online I couldn't help myself and just had to order this nail polish!

Models Own Beach Bag - ASOS

I fell in love with this nail polish as soon as I'd applied the first coat on my nails. It's a florescent orange but it's quite pale which is really nice. I think bright orange can come across a bit 'tacky' but when I applied this colour to my nails I absolutely loved it. I think it looks really nice against my skin tone too. One things for sure this nail polish is definitely for all year round not just when you have a tan!

What do you think of Models Own Nail Polishes? Do you like the Polish For Tans Collection?

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Holl JC said...

This is just such a cute colour! So pretty x

Unknown said...

Nice colours !


Unknown said...

oh my gosh this looks like such a gorgeous shade and it really suits you! Project Rattlebag x

Unknown said...

Beautiful colour! Abi :)

EmilyGrace said...

This is such a gorgeous shade! :)

Emily x // EmGrace

Alice said...

Love the colour, it suits you so well xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely colour!
does it last long?

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