The Songs YOU Forgot (Relive Your Teenage Years!)

Thursday, August 07, 2014

One thing that always puts me in a good mood is listening to old songs! When I was younger in my early teens I used to love listening to the chart hits as I am sure most of you reading this did! After rediscovering my love for Jojo's 'Leave Get Out' yesterday morning I decided to put this post together!
Believe it or not most of these songs are about 10 years old now! If you want your morning/evening brightened up log onto to Youtube and blast these songs from your speakers and have a dance around your room/office/silent rave in your head haha!

One thing I do really enjoy doing is buying these sorts of albums cheaply off Amazon for as little as 1p and blasting old songs in my car! 

1. (Leave) Get Out - Jojo
This song was first released by in 2004, when Jojo was just 13! Other hits of her's worth redownloading/re-purchasing are 'Too Little Too Late' and 'Not That Kinda Girl'.

2. These Words - Natasha Bedingfield
Natasha Bedingfield is a real favourite of mine. I have always loved her songs! Her album 'Unwritten' is full of so many classics including These Words, Single, Unwritten, and Bruise Easily. Other good songs by her are 'Pocket Full of Sunshine' and 'I wanna have your babies!'

3. So Yesterday - Hilary Duff
Anyone remember Lizzie Mcguire? Hilary Duff was so popular 10 years ago and I remember loving her songs when I was younger despite them being so cheesy. I loved 'So Yesterday' 'Wake Up' and the song from the Lizzie Mcguire movie 'Hey Now!'

4. Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney
This is another favourite of mine! Beautiful Soul is such a light hearted catchy song which makes me feel about 14 again!

5. Pieces Of Me - Ashlee Simpson
Ashlee Simpson was a bit of a one hit wonder but I remember this song being really catchy!

6. 1,2 Step - Ciara
I've always loved Ciara's music. Goodies, Get Up, Love Sex & Magic to name a few but 1,2 step is definitely my favourite. I'm going to purchase this CD for my car!

What songs make you feel nostalgic? Do you love listening to old tracks from your younger days?
Any songs I've missed out?
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K.C said...

I love this post! I've actually been listening to Ciara's 1,2 Step a lot lately, and some of the other ones too. But for some reason I always forget about Jesse McCartney!

Another good one is A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton. And Ashlee Simpson had some other really good songs/hits, L.O.V.E, Shadow, Invisible, etc.

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Jessie | said...

OMG I loved Natasha Bedingfield too! When her "babies" song came out my auntie was expecting so I always remember that song :) xx

Unknown said...

Most Sclub 7 and Spice Girls songs remind me of our maths lessons!


Joelle Owusu said...

THIS BEAT IS: Automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, funky fresh!! Ahhh 1,2 step is still my jam!
And so is 'These Words'! I rediscovered it off itunes last months and have played it non-stop!

Holl JC said...

Oh I just love this! Hilary Duff was my absolute fave! x

Unknown said...

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Naomi said...

Omg I love all of those songs,they will always be classics!

itsmeclare ∞ said...

I love this post Becca! I love all the oldies so much, especially JoJo and her 'boys stink' top! haha xx

Shannon said...

I'll admit I still listen to the Jesse and JoJo oldies! x

Unknown said...

Omg I love all of these songs I can't even choose my favourite!
Tiana x

Unknown said...

Loved these song! feeling old now lol

Unknown said...

haha! bringing me back to memory lane.

Zojill said...

I loved these songs.
(Leave) Get Out by Jojo even was the first single I ever bought when I was about 12 years old :)

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