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Friday, July 25, 2014

So I thought I'd try out a new feature while I'm over here in New Zealand. I'm always fascinated by people in the fashion industry and what they studied and getting an insight to what they do for a job! I was really excited to head over to Publicity PR HQ and interview their Junior Account Executive Danielle Todd!

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So after having a quick chat we sat down with a peppermint tea and chatted all things PR. So let's get the interview started!

1. How did you get your dream job at Publicity PR?

I had no idea I liked PR at first. I went to University to do Journalism and my boyfriend suggested to me to take a PR Internship which I then ended up getting! I just fell in love with it. After university I landed an internship at Publicity which then turned into a full time job.

2. What advice would you give to someone looking to gain experience in PR?

The most important thing is attitude. We see a lot of people who do a degree and they feel entitled to work in a PR position. When the PR industry is more about having a keen attitude and willing to work with anybody about anything. We like interns which are really enthusiastic and willing to learn. Good people skills are also a must when working in PR!

3. What would be your top 3 tips for a student who wants to make an application for work experience in PR stand out?
Prior experience is always great but not essential. I'd probably say try your best to convey about what your passionate about and how that can benefit your role as an intern. I'd probably also say that PR is mostly about communication and interaction with different people and showing your skills with different people. Such as customer service, writing experience. Keep it as sufficient as possible as long CV's get over looked.

4. Tell me a bit about what your typical day as an account executive involves
No two days here are every really the same! A lot of my role is taken up with editorial recommendations. Liasing with media and product placement in magazines. Working with big brands such as collection cosmetics, and a great website called ( and then putting together media press kits, writing releases (press releases) and at the moment I'm planning a music launch which is taking up a lot of my time!

5.What degree did you study at University? Did that help you gain the skills for your job now?
I did a (BAC) of communications and I majored in journalism. It definitely helped me gain the skills needed to work in this industry. University helps you gain prospective and to grow up and deal with different people you may have not worked with before in different lectures and classes. You're opening up to new ideas and seeing different areas of the industry you might want to focus on. Journalism wasn't quite me but all the areas of my course gave you a good idea of communication and those skills can you anywhere.

6. What's been your most exciting account you've worked on?
Collection has been the most exciting account I've worked on and had so much anticipation for it before it arrived which was really exciting!

7. What would you say are the essential skills for working in PR?
I'd say enthusiasm, attention to detail, definitely creativity and to be able to relate to anyone.

8. Finally, any inspirational words you'd give for graduates searching for their perfect PR Job?
I think just put yourself out there and don't be shy. Even if you have to step out of your comfort zone. Don't be afraid to fault your good assets (what makes you irreplaceable and better than other people). New Zealanders are modest and humble but it doesn't work in interviews so you have to show more confidence and know your strengths.

A massive thankyou to Danielle at Publicity PR for allowing me to interview her!
You can keep up to date with Publicity PR and follow their twitter account here

Do you want to work in PR? Has this given you a little bit more insight into the industry?

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nancy john said...

I must say they are doing quite good i mean the sort of work is coming out its more like trend setters which is a very good thing

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This was really helpful!

Thank you both!

- Natalie
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Bhawin Parkeria said...
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Tiffany said...

i really enjoyed this post! PR seems like such an interesting industry. thanks for sharing :)

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Selvi said...

very helpful! thanks hun x

Anonymous said...

Love the interview, very optimistic and enthusiastic:))

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