Trend Update: The Ugly Sandals (Birkenstocks & Faux Birkenstocks)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Birkenstocks - Cloggs(*) (Similar Here)
Black double strap sandals - Topshop
Tan sandals - Daniel Footwear (*)

It feels like yesterday that I was telling you about my Skater shoe obsession but there's a new shoe trend I'm obsessed with and that's the ugly sandal shoe trend. Birkenstocks are a massive shoe trend for the summer and ugly sandals have never been so popular! I'm obsessed with this trend having always hated  typical sandals as this style of sandal is SO COMFY!

Birkenstocks - Cloggs(*) (Similar Here)
Black double strap sandals - Topshop
Tan sandals - Daniel Footwear(*)
These shoes are my 'go to' shoes at the moment no matter the weather because they're so easy to throw on with absolutely any outfit. I find these sandals look great with trousers, skirts, shorts and dresses!
Birkenstocks - Cloggs(*) (Similar Here)

At first I thought these shoes looked awful on my feet but ever since my first wear of them I've been in love. I love how comfy the real Birkenstocks are and the quality of the shoe is amazing!
Black double strap sandals - Topshop

If you're going to buy one pair of sandals this summer you need this pair from Topshop! They are a great cheaper alternative to Birkenstocks (and they're leather too) and they were about £24 from Topshop. They're so comfortable and I wear them with everything!
Tan sandals - Daniel Footwear(*)

These sandals from Daniel Footwear are a new edition to my wardrobe for travelling to New Zealand! I adore this colour too for sandals! I can't wait to wear them loads this summer!

What do you think of the ugly sandal trend? Do you have any sandals like this?
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Susanne said...

not really a fan of this trend, to me it looks like a doctor forgot to change his shoes before leaving his office...

Emily Lilly said...

I used to wear these types of shoes loads when i was younger, so glad they're back and in fashion this time ! I just picked up a pair of white double buckle ones form primark

Distant Dreamer

Unknown said...

My sister has worn Birkenstocks for years so she is mega chuffed that they've finally come into fashion! She thinks she's down with the kids now! I love them too - so cute and comfy!

Megan xo
Thumbelina Lillie | UK Fashion Blog

Anonymous said...

Love this trend. The last pair are gorgeous!

Emma x

Unknown said...

I love a good pair of ugly shoes, great post!

eleanor's adventures in wonderland

Mae | british explorer said...

i LOVE these shoes!! i picked up a lime green buckle pair of Birkenstocks for £25 in TK Maxx!! then i got a white pair and a black pair from primark for £2 and £4!!!! i have fallen in love with ugly shoes; love this post xxxx

Unknown said...

i really need to get myself a pair of these sandals!!

chloepayne said...

I love these sandals!! Still debating weather or not to buy a pair for myself... Don't think they would suit me well..... Hmm I'm very undecidable!

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