My Tips for Travelling Alone

Friday, July 18, 2014

Recently, well 3 weeks ago to be precise I hopped on a plane to the other side of the world. It took 3 days and it wasn't easy but I thought I would write this post to hopefully encourage a few of you that travelling alone can be a wonderful thing and it's definitely a life changing experience!

If you asked my 6 months ago to get on a plane and go to the other side of the world I wouldn't have done it. It takes a lot of guts and determination to do it and as an anxiety sufferer it was so daunting to think about but I knew I had to do it! I can't even explain how nice it is to see another side of the world, live life a little differently and just enjoy seeing things you haven't seen before. I see every travelling journey as a learning experience!

My journey began at Gatwick Airport and I was heading to Dubai. It was scary to think I was travelling alone but I suppose that way you are forced to talk to people or even make a new friend or two! On my way to Dubai I met a Danish model who was about 16 who was so lovely. I also met a girl called Becky on her way to Thailand to do a year abroad teaching!

Meeting these girls made me realise a lot of people travel alone and that me travelling alone myself wasn't a strange thing. You'll be surprised how pleasant some (yes I say some!) strangers can be when you're having small talk with them. I then had a not so pleasurable experience waiting at Dubai airport on the way to Sydney. Why are some airport lay overs SO long? What can you really do for 10 hours in an airport in the middle of the night?

I then headed over to Sydney which was a very long flight. It took about 12 or 14 hours but with movies, tv shows and meals it wasn't so bad just tiring. I made a friend called Emma who was Irish and really friendly on that journey. I then had an hour to wait at Sydney before I headed to New Zealand. I got there eventually! It took 2/3 days I am not sure exactly how long as there was a lot of time differences on my trip.

So I thought I would share with you my tips for travelling alone as most likely some of you who are reading this will be travelling or travelling alone somewhere this summer!

1. Bring a book -  It's sometimes so nice just to have some time to yourself and before I went away I bought a copy of The Fault in Our Stars. I'm sure most of you have read this. I've recently finished it! It was such a great book surprisingly I didn't cry but I watched the movie this week and cried my eyes out!

2. Make a playlist - Whether it's happy music with happy memories attached or buying a new album. I recently bought Sam Smith's and it's amazing. I love the songs 'Like I Can' and 'Repeat'. It's a great excuse to listen to some music and relax.

3. Listen to calming sounds - If you suffer from anxiety like me, travelling can be such a daunting and scary thing. I have a couple of apps on my phone which help me stay calm when I can feel a panic attack coming or my anxiety triggering. I use an app called Relax Melodies which can really help you zone out, relax and just forget where you really are for a few minutes. I love listening to the bird sounds and the sound of the sea and I just close my eyes and breath slowly for a few minutes and this normally makes me feel a lot better!

4. Don't be afraid to make a new friend - Who knows where you're going to find your next friend for life? Not being afraid to talk to new people is a good way to start. Especially if they're sat next to you on a plane! Ask them about where they're heading to, comment on their appearance. Pluck up the courage to have a conversation. You never know where it may lead to.

5. Have a plan - When you're travelling alone you need to plan out the basics of what you want to do, whether it's exploring a new city for a few days, travelling to do some volunteering, joining a summer camp or just going on a trek tour around a country. Make sure you've organised a basic guide for yourself, check you have the plenty of the local currency too! I always store money in a few odd places (make sure they are safe) but always factor how much things will cost when organising your trip! Organise what you are going to do (not in detail but just so you have a basic plan!). 

I'm currently in New Zealand staying with relatives and exploring for a few months and really enjoying it. It's great to take a break from life in England but also experience something new!

What are your tips for travelling? Have you ever travelled alone?
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Unknown said...

Glad you're having a good time, you're brave to travel on your own! I keep toying with the idea but I'm not sure.
One thing I wish I'd have brought to Malta with me is a travel pillow, I imagine that it would be great on a long haul flight.

Enjoy your time there!
See you soon,
Laura xxxx

Unknown said...

So glad I stumbled across this, as a student I've always wanted to travel but with working friends its hard to find someone to go with, this was really helpful, especially knowing you found other people. I got paranoid I was the only person considering solo travel! Great blog!

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