Beauty Review: Brow Drama VS Gimme Brow

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Every month It seems a new brow product is coming out. I for one am a big fan of big brows and love the big brow trend at the moment. (With being a dark haired girl we tend to have big brows anyway!) For about a year or so now I've filled in my eyebrows. I seemed to have tried pretty much every brow product going and have never been really satisfied with my brow routine until recently.

I've always used a brow pencil till highlight the underneath of my brows and brushed them but when it comes to filling them in I've always used powders. When Maybelline released Brow Drama I immediately ran to my local Boots store and purchased one. I'll have to say though I was never really happy with the look which Brow Drama gave.

Maybelline Brow Drama is a tinted brow sculpting mascara. I got mine in the shade dark brown. When I first used this product a few months ago I really wasn't impressed. It left them feeling crispy which I didn't like. It made them feel really odd. So I stopped using the product after about a week. I think this product is more suited to light haired girls as it will give you a bit more of a tint. It really did nothing to my brows like it claims it should!

I'm a big fan of eyebrow threading and I think that's the best way to manage your brows. I love how brows can frame your face and I like the look of them as soon as they've been threaded! I recently got the opportunity to receive the latest Benefit Brow Product Gimme Brow. I have to say I was excited there was a new brow product to try on the market!

As soon as I tried out Gimme Brow I fell in love. The product is absolutely amazing! Gimme Brow not only allows you to brush through your brows but it also clings onto every hair, doesn't leave them looking crispy and gives you a natural finish to your brows. I can honestly say since receiving Gimme Brow I've not used a single brow powder, brow pencil and I just use this. It's well worth the money and I'll be repurchasing it once this one has run out!

What do you think of these brow products? Do you have any of them?

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Gatsbyandglamour said...

This is great! I have tried endless amount of eyebrow products, hopefully this one will work for me!

Thanks hun,

Rachael @

Unknown said...

Would love to try both of these, but don't know if a brow mascara would have enough coverage for my light, blonde eyebrows as basically have to draw them on in full with powder! Maybe if I dye them first.....

d said...
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Unknown said...

To be honest. I'm more than happy with my trusty pencil but these products are fab if they work for you! Just not my cuppa.

Unknown said...

To be honest. I'm more than happy with my trusty pencil but these products are fab if they work for you! Just not my cuppa.

d said...

Hi Charlotte I couldn't help but notice your post about having blonde eyebrow hair, I'm a natural blonde but I dye my hair and my eyebrows are really light, you'd probably be better going for the lighter shade of the Gimme Brow.
As I felt there wasn't enough cover with the Maybelline product.

Hope that helped :-)

I have both products, I thought Maybelline's Brow Drama was good but it really doesn't have anything on Benefit's Gimme Brow.

I am a huge fan of the Gimme Brow product it gives such a dramatic look and I've actually done a review. Would love it if you could have a look at my blog...

Unknown said...

I've been using the Maybelline one since October and I love it ! :)

Lucy said...

Sounds so good, I really want to give it a go!! Xx

Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

EmilyGrace said...

I couldn't live without gimmie brow!

Jessicalaar said...

oh my gosh, brow mascara is amazing.

Jess x

Unknown said...

Gimme brow looks amazing, I need to get my act together and try it

Ash xx

Char! said...

Gimme Brow seems great, need to try asap x

Moris Ford said...
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