Models Own Hyper Gel Review - Coral Glaze, White Light & Red Lustre

Thursday, March 06, 2014

If there's one thing bloggers/beauty bloggers/vloggers can't resist (or just all females in general) than that's the 3 for 2 offer at Boots. I swear those signs just lure you in... and £30 later you come out of boots wondered what you've spent! Well I didn't spend £30 but I bought 3 of the new Models Own Hyper Gel Nail Polishes!
Models Own Hyper Gel Polishes in Coral Glazes, White Lights & Red Lustre - Boots
There's 11 colours (I think) in the Hyper Gel Collection and they're all amazing colours. These are the three colours which struck out to me the most. I'm a really big fan of the Barry M Gelly Paints so I couldn't wait to try these out as soon as I saw them in Boots!

Models Own Coral Glaze Hyper Gel Polish - Boots
The first colour I tried was Coral Glaze. When it comes to spring/summer I love bright nail polishes. This is the perfect spring shade. I really like how this looks on as you can get away with one coat of nail polish. These last a good three days too with chipping but sadly the shine doesn't last as great after 3 days so I'd recommend a clear top coat on top too.

Models Own Red Lustre Hyper Gel Polish - Boots
'Red Lustre' seems to be a great alternative to a simple red nail polish. I really like this colour and how it looks on the nail. I think this a great casual nail polish to wear. I think I like Coral Glaze more but this is a gel shade I do not yet own so I was really excited to try this out!

Models Own White Light Hyper Gel Polish - Boots
I find that matte white nail polishes can look really tacky and as if you've covered your nails with a tipex pen. I normally steer far away from any white (or even cream) nail polishes. But this hyper gel polish I was drawn too. I was surprised with how is looks on and how the gel finish makes all the difference! Each Hyper Gel polish is priced at £5. Which may seem quite pricey but I always buy Models Own on a Boots offer and they're yet to disappoint me yet with their collections. I've been a Models Own fan for years and have loved so many of their polishes!

What do you think of the Hyper Gel collection? Do you have any of the shades yet?
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Unknown said...

Great shades for all year long ! For Spring I really love the white one !
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Zoe Barson said...

lovely colours! x

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Unknown said...

I keep looking at the white one on everyones blogs and I think I'm just going to have to get it!

Hannah Hobson said...

I love white nail varnish! That was in perf as well.

Hannah xo

Unknown said...

Wow these look great! I love the finshes and that coral colour is gorgeous :) xx

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