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Sunday, February 02, 2014

I realised earlier i've never really shown you all where I Blog from! So I thought I'd show you all my desk space and the things I have around it.

Lamp - Out There Interiors(*)

I had a really boring desk light until recently, I welcomed this gorgeous lamp from Out There Interiors and it's made my desk look really cool. I love how bright the light is and how it's the type of light you could put on any desk, mantle piece and it would look amazing! I'm also really liking the french furniture they have online too.
I got this fab keypad cover on Amazon for £1! It was £1 well spent as I always thought black keyboard keys were a little boring and it really changes it! Keyboard covers are also available in Blue,Purple and Red aswell. I have an Ipad which I absolutely love and I'm often at my desk catching up on tv shows and re-watching episodes of Friends & Gossip Girl on it. I keep pictures by my desk too, one from my trip to Africa and one of me and my best friend on my 17th birthday!

I keep a box of beauty things from event goodybags which I'm trying out and things to review on my blog by my windowsill alongside my massive pile of train tickets! I also have make up brushes in a clear pot holder from muji.
Last but not least here's my favourite part of my desk and it's this my Ikea fake flowers. I absolutely love them and just want to fill my room full of them!
What do you think of my desk area? What does yours look like?
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Anonymous said...

the photo frames are so cute! and love the ikea flowers!


Emily said...

Lovely little workspace! Love the keyboard cover I need one desperately!


Unknown said...

Lovely work space! Amazing!

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Nicola said...

Love the little pink key covers on your laptop, i definitely need to get myself one.

N said...

Everything is so pretty and colourful! You've created a lovely little space to work around - the photo frames are a particular favourite!

- Natalie [A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog]

Lucy said...

Wish my room was big enough for a desk! Unfortunately my work area is the boring old sofa!xx

ALM said...

the picture quality is amazing and i love the arrangement of the objects in the photos

ALM said...

the picture quality is amazing and i love the arrangement of the objects in the photos

Zoe Barson said...

Im in love with those picture frames! There gorg! xo

Tia Aaliyah said...

Such a lovely workspace! x

Unknown said...

Is it really weird how much I love this workspace and desk? The desk it's self is really nice and the storage space around it is brilliant! It means your desk isn't cluttered(unlike mine). The ikea photo frames are so cute!!

The Young Mummy said...

Super cute photo frames.


Sonja Sky Gatlin said...

I really love your Ikea Flowers...I have a few real ones in my apartment but I'm thinking about adding a few fakes ones. Luckily Ikea isn't too far from me. Thanks for the pictures. ~ Sonja
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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

This looks so pretty and organised!

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