How the Internet has changed my shopping habits

Friday, February 21, 2014

What makes internet shopping so addictive? I often find myself browsing ASOS, Topshop, Missguided at 2/3 in the morning when I can't sleep. Online shopping is addictive and now there's no real way of stopping it. I thought I'd write an article about how the internet has changed my shopping habits!

It feels weird to think about the days without Internet, the days without dial-up internet connections even the days of broadband (we used to have Virgin Media Broadband!) We're now in the days of wireless, 3g, 4g, and wireless hotspots. Now everywhere we go we're connected to the internet one way or another. So here are some of the reasons why Internet shopping has changed my shopping habits!
More Convenient
One thing I do love about online shopping is that it's more convenient. There's no need to get dressed up or shop within the opening times of your favourite store. You can easily shop from the comfort of your own bed in your pyjamas! No matter how busy you are or if you don't have time to visit a store, shopping online allows you to buy things without hurting a busy schedule.
Save you a few £'s on your purchases
Another reason why online shopping is great is that there's more offers online. With voucher sites such as Voucher codes and Voucherful it's easier to save money on your purchase more than ever. I always check voucher code iphone apps and sign up to emails from high-street stores as they are more than likely going to send you offers to save money! 
Cheaper alternatives to the High-street online
What's great about the internet is that it's allowed for businesses to solely sell online. Brands like ASOS, Missguided & Boohoo have all made their names online and have become daily visits of mine when I'm online. They sometimes offer cheaper alternatives then on the high-street such as one top maybe £20 in Topshop but you can find the same thing for £10 from ASOS.
Avoids crowds & queues 
Another benefit of online shopping is it avoids crowds and queues. One thing I really can't stand about some shops is how big the queues are as it really does put me off buying something. Also it avoids paying car parking fees. Some places charge way too much! Even though sometimes you still end up paying the equivalent to car parking fees with delivery charges!
Product Variety
Online shopping has given us more variety than ever with what we buy. A beauty to online shopping is that there's so many online sites competing with each other to sell products at the best possible price. It's worth looking online on various websites for reviews but also for discount codes before you make a purchase!
What do you enjoy most about online shopping? How has online change your shopping habits?
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Unknown said...

Great post! I very rarely buy anything in store, but I'm an online shopping addict! It's just too easy, sometimes the reality of going into a store, waiting in a que and taking out your purse is too much of a reality and you are more likely to talk yourself out of the purchase, where as online you just pop it in your basket, pay through paypal so you don't even have to get your purse out and its done! No going back, no time to talk yourself out of it haha and you feel like you haven't even paid for it haha! & when your parcel comes in the post it feels like a present! lolol.


Anonymous said...

Very nice post , online shooping rule :D

The Style Check said...

Great article. I'm too used to internet shopping now I hate going into actual shops. So much easier to have the items delivered at home where you can try them, style them and then if they're not suitable just send them back - nice and easy!

Zoe Barson said...

Great post, it's so true! The only thing I don't like about shopping online is if it doesn't fit when you get it :( xo

Fashion Signal - UK Style and Fashion Blog

Unknown said...

All of these ring so true and I feel similar. But I definitely love the novelty of a day out with my girls shopping and drinking coffee and generally being girly. I don't want the techno-age to completely have taken over this when I have kids!

AMANDALOVES.COM | UK Beauty and Fashion Blog

N said...

This is a really interesting post!

I personally still prefer to shop in person. I've never really become attached to online shopping, I think mainly because I'm really picky and it's a lot more hastle to return things. I also love the experience of walking round and trying clothes on, talking to shop assistants etc. I've even had random people come up to me in shops and ask for my style advice, something which doesn't happen online and which is pretty special and unique to offline shopping.

Thank you for sharing this!

- Natalie [A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog]

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