Student Style Essentials for January 2014

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Uh oh it's that time of the year again when you open your wardrobe and you're just fed up with everything which is inside. Hands up who has done this recently?! I'm always into finding new ways to wear items I already own and I think this time of the year is good to make that small investment in an item or a couple of items you'll wear or use a lot in the coming months! (at least till spring is over anyway!)
So I thought I'd talk you all through a guide of which key items helped me through my first year of university (this could help with college too I'm just thinking about a student budget!) So I've picked out what would be my style essentials and which key items helped me last year!

Carmex Lip Balm (£2.49 from Missguided)
You can get this lip balm from pretty much any beauty shop/drug store and it's an absolute lifesaver. I seem to have one of these in pretty much all my handbags and I don't go anywhere without it. It's perfect to apply just before lipstick but also on the days you want soft lips without any lipstick on too!

Batiste Dry Shampoo (£2.99 from ASOS)
This product is every woman's saviour. I used to love a bit of dry shampoo after a night out if I got up late! I carry a small one of these in my handbag too for emergencies. You just spray a little at the root if you feel your hair is starting to get a little greasy and it works a treat!

Fur Collar Biker Jacket (£45 from Topshop)
So if you're looking for a stylish jacket which will last then this is your new baby! I have last years version of this jacket and I still wear this pretty much everyday and it's even started the rip at the sides (owh!) but that's a year on mind after some serious wear and tare! It's a real bargain this jacket for the amount of times you're going to wear it and it goes with every single flipping outfit imaginable! I used to live in this jacket especially travelling to and from university the only downside is that it doesn't have a hood!

Mac Lipsticks in Lady Danger & Ruby Woo (£15 from Debenhams)
I didn't think I'd love these lipsticks are much as I do. If you love a matte lipstick and bright lipsticks mac lipsticks are perfect for you. I think these two shades will completely transform your outfit and update a really simple outfit too. If you're having a bad day these lipsticks will certainly brighten up your mood! I know what you're thinking they're a little pricey but just think of how long they'll last you!

Converse White Trainers (£45 from ASOS)
These were my best cost per wear item while I was at university. I bought them with my student discount at schuh and thought oh my gosh £45 on a pair of trainers I don't even wear trainers?! But since that day I've worn them to death. I bought mine 2 years ago now and they've been washed numerous times and been worn on so many nights out so they're getting a little worse for wear now! I wore these a lot when I worked in retail as they're so comfy and they're the perfect pair of shoes if you're on your feet all day too travelling!

Black Joni Jeans (£36 from Topshop)
I always thought Topshop jeans were really overpriced. I don't know why I just did and really didn't think they were worth the money. But over the past couple of years I've found that a classic pair of Topshop jeans will go a long way. I love the 'Joni Jeans' at Topshop as they're classic, easy to wear and stylish. You can wear them during the day but also easily on a night out!

Multi Strap Boots (£45 from Topshop)
I've always found Topshop good for style staples and they have an amazing selection of boots. When I was fashion student I stuck to wearing only a few pairs of shoes and a pair of classic boots was one thing I loved. I love this pair from Topshop as they're on trend, good quality and they don't have a big heel so they're easy to wear. Just imagine how gorgeous these would look with a cute pair of frilled ankle socks...IMAGINE!

Red Fluffy Jumper (£34 from Topshop)
For the past few months fluffy jumpers have been my best friends. You may have seen me wearing a pink one with a leather skirt here and with tartan leggings and also my blue fluffy jumper with my pvc skirt here! I absolutely love this fluffy jumper trend. They look amazing with high-waisted trousers, leggings and jeans but also with skirts and even denim shorts too and they're a great cover up over a dress. I love my Missguided blue one but it's not as good quality as the one I have from Topshop which I've washed goodness knows how many times! So if you're going to purchase a fluffy jumper to add to your wardrobe it's worth splashing out a little on a Topshop one!

I really hope you've all liked this different style of blog post! What are your current student style essentials? What can't you go without at the moment? Let me know in the comments!
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Holl JC said...

That biker jacket is awesome, I have a similar one and I love it! The topshop ones last for so so long too! x

smozzy said...

Batiste dry shampoo is a life saver!

ALM said...

These are some good styling essentials. I love your style.

Anonymous said...

that dry shampoo is a lifesaver haha i love the jacket as well and converse are such essentials!


Luxrose said...

I love these lipsticks and converse are a must for uni!

Anonymous said...

My best friend has that leather jacket and absolutely loves it as well!

Unknown said...

fall in love with the red sweater!!!
match super cool,hug
thank you for sharing this,useful for my own daily match
wanna follow each other..?? Do let me know will follow right back! ^_^
Nice Wishlist! :)

Lauren Danielle said...

I've had the Topshop a couple of months now, literally wear them everyday. So comfy! X

melissa said...

I love the red jumper and think I need to invest in a pair of Joni jeans and white converse! x

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