What I've Worn In 2013 - Outfit Post Round Up

Monday, December 30, 2013

It's that time of year again! The time of year when I do a post round up of the outfits I've worn in 2013. I've rounded it down a little as I can't obviously include all my outfits but I thought this would be a really interesting read and that a few of you would love to have a nosey at what I've been wearing! I also love looking back on these types of posts myself to see how much my style has changed! Hope you enjoy this post!
Outfit One,Outfit Two,Outfit Three,Outfit Four & Outfit Five
These outfits are all from January-March. I was still in university at this time and I had a part-time job in retail which I loved and so I was really really busy so there's less outfit posts but I still managed to fit some outfit posts in! My favourite outfit out of these would be the galaxy leggings as I love a patterned pair of leggings and at this point I was obsessed with high neck crop tops!
Outfit Two,Outfit Three,Outfit Four & Outfit Five
These outfits are all from March-May. The first outfit is from when I went to the races with Matalan which was such a great day! I love the dress in this second outfit and this is around the time I got addicted to wearing Mom jeans! From looking at these photos anyone would think I love stripes! (You can't go wrong with stripes!)
Outfit One,Outfit Two,Outfit Three,Outfit Four & Outfit Five
It came to July and I got more and more into outfit posts. I loved the floral crown trend and I loved a bright stand out print too. My favourite outfit from July was definitely my maxi dress from Lashes of London which is just perfect for summer!
Outfit One,Outfit Two,Outfit Three,Outfit Four & Outfit Five
These outfits are from the end up July till about the middle of August! I got more into posting outfits during the summer as I went on holiday to france (hence the bikini) and travelled a little bit so I was able to change my blog backgrounds a bit too!
Outfit One,Outfit Two,Outfit Three,Outfit Four & Outfit Five
During August I became more and more obsessed with Missguided! I loved this embellished skirt as it's such a stand out piece and looks amazing with just a plain top! I loved this 'prom' dress too and it's a bargain at £35! I love the 'panelled' look to some of the Missguided clothes with this white backless playsuit being my favourite!
Outfit One,Outfit Two,Outfit Three & Outfit Four
As the months go on I seem to have posted some of my favourite outfits to date on my blog! I loved this blue playsuit from Missguided so much! I've worn it for meals out, nights out and during the day time too! One of my favourite looks right now is to wear a fluffy jumper with a leather or a pvc skirt so I love the fourth look a lot!
Outfit One,Outfit Two,Outfit Three, Outfit Four & Outfit Five
I absolutely love this white dress and it's actually one of my most popular outfit posts this year! I've always wanted to be a part of the twosie crew and I love this one I have from Missguided! At the moment I live in these monochrome trousers and they'll be in the next blog post too!

Which is your favourite outfit of 2013? Which outfits are you loving?
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Unknown said...

You had really cool outfits this year !

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The Style Rawr said...

You always look amazing in maxi dresses and the colour blue REALLY suits you! <3

Tara xo

Olivia Burn said...

This was such a great post, I love all your outfits! Here's to all your outfit posts in 2014! x

Rachel's blog! said...

LOVE all your outfits, great post! <3


Deejay Speaks said...

I love that you played with so many different prints this year, it's definitely inspiring for me to step out and play in a few myself!
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Holl JC said...

I love August's outfit 1, the skirt is just so pretty! You always look great Becca! x

thriftylilpixie said...

Love your outfits especially the second one!

Unknown said...

Love all the tartan near the end. Really lovely outfits!


ALM said...

You have literally the best style I have ever seen. I loved all the outfits they are very sophisticated and girly!!

Sapphire Associates said...
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Kia said...

super cute!!

Makaela @ Uniquely Mickie said...

Are you ever scared to try new trends like mix-matching or crop tops? Fashion is fun so I guess as long as your happy, it's all good, huh?

~Makaela at

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