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Monday, December 02, 2013

I was really happy and excited when I was asked to take part in Ricoh Imaging's new campaign for the launch of the Pentax Q7!
Pentax Q7(*)
How cute is this camera?! What's amazing about this camera is it's small enough to fit in your handbag. So ever since I've got this camera I've been carrying it around in my handbag everyday! I love how it's so small but it does so much! I was asked to take part in the 'Q7 weeks of colour' challenge where you were challenged to post a photo with a different colour theme each day of the week. The colour themes were:
Monday - Mauve
Tuesday - Tangerine
Wednesday - White
Thursday - Teal
Friday - Fiery Red
Saturday - Silver
Sunday - Salmon Pink
It was definitely a challenge to find something to take a photo of each colour each day! I found the Pentax Q7 so quick and easy to use and the amount of settings on such a small camera is amazing!

The first colour theme was Mauve. I found some balls of wool in the house and used the 'macro' setting to capture this photo!
For Tuesday the colour theme was Tangerine. I found this one quite hard and thought I'd take a photo of my cat! It's so hard as he never really stops moving but this is where the 'moving object' setting came in handy!
Wednesday's colour theme was white. I found some flowers outside and thought I'd use the 'macro' setting to capture this white photo close up.
For Thursday the colour theme was teal and I decided to take a close up photo of a lampshade!
Friday's fiery red photo is my favourite I've taken last week. I took this using the 'forest' setting at about 7am in the morning but it was so bright and the trees outside just looked amazing! I love how well this photo has turned out!
Saturday's photo was taken whilst on a trip to Leeds! Do you recognise this horse?! I'd never been to Trinity Shopping Centre before and it's amazing! It seems to have every store you'd ever want inside and the Topshop is huge! I used the 'auto' setting to take this photo.
Finally for Sunday the colour theme was Salmon Pink and I used the contrast setting to take this and I really love this photo too!

I've really enjoyed using the Pentax Q7 and It's such good value and is available from £369.99! Ricoh Imaging are giving you the chance to win your very own Q7 from Ricoh Imaging! Check out the #Q7weeksofcolour competition at!
 photo xoxo_zpsef0b558b.jpg


luna said...

looks like a great investment, might have to treat myself :) great photos too

Faye_Oliviaa said...

awh, that camera looks so beautiful! I love the shots that you got especially the one of the trees! Perfect for this time of the year! xx

The Style Rawr said...

What an awesome camera, I love that it's not as heavy as a DSLR, sometimes it's a pain lugging a huge camera around. Friday's snap is gorgeous!

Tara xo

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