£10 Treats - Manicure Purse & Brush Roll

Friday, October 25, 2013

I've been getting more and more into make-up lately and I never was one of those people which carries there make up bag around with them everyday but I've recently turned into one! I'm the sort of person which paints there nails on public transport or just when I have a spare 5 minutes out and about and i'm always making sure my nails are in good condition and isn't it always a nightmare when your nail breaks you just want to sort it out before it gets any worse?! Well this is wear this £10 treat comes in...
Manicure Purse - £10(*)
I didn't think I'd be able to find something like this and this manicure purse is an absolute treat. The amount of times it's come in handy these past couple of weeks is ridiculous! I've broken nails out shopping, carrying things in the supermarket and I've painted my nails on the train. The nail scissors work well to trim your nails back into place and the emery board is great to file your nails down!

Manicure Purse - £10(*)
It's so so handy too as it's SO small and can literally fit into any handbag that you're carrying! What makes this manicure purse even more cute is the gorgeous floral pattern!
Floral Brush Roll - £10 (*)
Next is this floral brush roll. It's weird as this time last year I only owned two brushes I foundation brush and a blush brush! I've since become a massive fan of Real Techniques brushes (they're on buy one get one half price at Superdrug here) and my collection seems to be constantly growing! I travel around a lot at the moment whether it's seeing friends at university, going away for the weekend or just an occasion where I need to re-do my make up and this brush roll is so handy!

Floral Brush Roll - £10 (*)
It's hard to fit brushes into travel sized make-up bags as they're always too big so this is when the brush roll comes in really handy. You can fit quite a few brushes all in one place and it folds well and you can take it on holiday/travelling with you really easily! I also find this brush roll perfect for drying my brushes after washing them with too!
What do you think of Vintage Cosmetics Company? Do you own a brush roll or manicure purse?
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Klára Recmanová said...

Really cute stuffs!
You have so mane brushes? Wow!

Kisses from your czech blogger and reader
Dreamer Clara^^

Unknown said...

I love your brush set, I definitely eyed to update my makeup soon.
Tiana x

Mini Style Child said...

That floral brush roll is absolutely gorgeous! Check out my MAC Lipstick giveaway :)

Unknown said...

The Real Techniques brushes are awesome !

Unknown said...

These would make cute christmas gifts :) lovely


Unknown said...

These are so cute! love the floral print

abi from a little dust

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