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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

As fashion bloggers & fashion lovers I think I can speak for us all when I saw we have bulging wardrobes through off too many clothes. I am trying to downsize and believe me it's SUPER hard. It's taken me months to actually organise my wardrobe and shoes (here's a photo for evidence)
The next pain I'll talk about is Ebay. It's turned into my worst nightmare as I didn't realise how many fees they take! You sell an item for £1-£4 and they take the majority of it! It's worst when the packaging for the garment/item you're selling is more than what the original item sold for! I've noticed that the post office is quite an expensive way to sell your parcels and buying your postage through Ebay you just end up more out of pocket than you were in the first place!
I then discovered Delivery Quote Compare. I knew there must be a cheaper way to send the parcels I sold on Ebay and I'm so glad I found this option! Delivery Quote Compare can save you up to 60% on delivery costs (which means a little bit more money in your pocket at the end of the day!)
It's an amazing service if you're selling quite a few items on Ebay and they all end on the same day as you can send them all at once for a much cheaper price! You can arrange delivery too so they'll come and pick up your parcels (how totally amazeballs is this!) This means one less annoying trip to the post office too!
I love the idea of this service and anyway to help save a few pennies is a good idea to me. From now on I'm going to continue using alternative services to the post office to delivery my Ebay parcels!
What do you think of services like this? Do you use an alternative delivery service to post your parcels?
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Rosie Cumberlidge said...

Oh my god, Becca you are a life saver! I've been selling loads of stuff on ebay recently and the post office wanted to charge me £8.50 for postage for a really heavy book and its still loads even for small things! Will definitely be using this!


- said...

Oh my this looks ideal! I'm in DESPERATE need of a clear out, but I've been put off for the same reasons! I'll definitely check out this site. | a british fashion & beauty blog

Style Crescent said...

What an amazing idea!!! :D

Great tip!!


Unknown said...

Have you actually used this personally? Because I just went on the site and it looks like a bit of a faff to me

Unknown said...

Have you actually used this personally? Because I just went on the site and it looks like a bit of a faff to me

Unknown said...

Great post. Nice display there! Thanks Mobile Marketing

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