A Book Review: Geek Girl 2 by Holly Smale

Monday, September 23, 2013

I would never call myself a book worm but when these two books came through my post box a few days ago I began reading and I haven't put the book geek girl down since. Geek Girl tells the story of Harriet Manners a geek who dreams of becoming a model. At the start of the book Harriet is on a field trip with her school at a sort of fashion convention. Her best friend Nat is ecstatic because her dream is to be a model. But unfortunately Harriet causes quite a scene and gets spotted by a modelling agency. Then she suddenly has a agent. And then she's going to shoots. Oh and there's is a very hot boy hanging around. Who happens to be a model. With an Australian accent. (oooh la la)
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The bit I love about the book is that Harriet is full of facts she's constantly spewing these facts out during the book and I can quite honestly say out of the bits I've read a didn't know a lot of the facts which are in the book! no matter what conversation Harriet's in she's got an interesting fact to provide!
At only 15, Harriet is totally a geek. She loves studying and school. But she's also clumsy, naive and absolutely hilarious. There's a lot of laughing out load moments in the part of the book I've read so far! She doesn't necessarily think before she speaks or does something. Which added with the fact that she's this awkward, geeky model. Some bizarre situations seem to arise!
I've not had the chance to read too much but the book accompanied me on the plane to Copenhagen last week! I have really enjoyed it so far and can't wait to read the rest of it and the next book in the series on the bus to Paris this weekend!
You can grab your copy of the book on Amazon and you can follow the author Holly on Twitter and you can like Geek Girl on Facebook! Geek Girl 2 is being published from 26th September 2013.
What do you think of Geek Girl? Have you read the first installment of this book?
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Unknown said...

Ooh love the sound of this book , will have to give it a read. Added it to my list - now that I've finished reading all of Pretty Little Liars books!

Eloise | simplynaturale xo

Emily said...

I love the sound of that!


Anonymous said...

This is a great book, I think that I given this book to my wife as a present. Mostly she is interested in Latest Fashion Trends for Men.

Ria said...

This has been on my to-read list for a while, need to get onto actually reading it though! Great review :) xoxo

Marielle said...

The book sounds like fun read when I need a break from course work! Ever since I've got my kindle I've been reading up a storm and am always on the lookout for new books so I'll definitely be downloading this xx

Marielo Gomez said...

Such a nice give away. I've just finished IT by Alexa Chung and need another good read, this sounds perfect! :) xx

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