Week In Photos #12

Sunday, August 18, 2013

There's definitely some weeks which are more interesting than others! I haven't done a 'week in photos' type post in a VERY long time and I thought I'd do one this week as my instagram seems to have gone crazy since I've been on holiday! You can follow me on instagram HERE!

At the end of last week I hopped on a plane to South-West France for a week in the sunshine (yay!) I couldn't believe how quickly you could fly it took just over an hour?! This is what I wore to the airport a typical outfit for me! Jacket, cami top and leggings are all from Topshop and converse are from schuh!
To end a great day I was reunited with my cousins who were also holidaying in the same region of france and my oldest cousins the same age as me so what better way to catch up then over tequila flavoured cocktails?! win!

The amazing view by the river when I was catching up with my cousin over cocktails how amazing is the view?! It was the perfect way to end a good evening!
The next day we all headed off to the beach and I was really excited to wear my new high waisted bikini so I decided to do a baywatch impression haha!

There seems to be nothing more peaceful than reading a book on the beach and getting a tan at the same time! I could spend hours and hours on the beach just reading a book and watching the world go by anyone else think that?!
I decided to take a few blog pics in my new bikini as I loved it so much you can check out the post here!

Sometimes you don't always want to go to the beach and so who needs it when you have a paddling pool in your back garden?! I could spend forever just lying on a blow up lilo thing and listening to music and reading magazines!
Sunbathing in 30+ degrees was heaven! I seemed to do a lot of sunbathing in my bikini whilst I was away! Can't beat getting a bit of a holiday tan?!

We went to visit some family friends at there hotel and oh my gosh there pool was amaaaazing! I just wanted to dive right in there but I didn't have my bikini on and we were just passing through! sad times :(
On the other hand though we went and got ice cream and any of you who've been to france or live in france will know that it's full of these really cute ice cream parlours which seem to have every single flavour ice cream you can ever think of?! If you're wondering what I had I had coconut and parmaviolet yummy!

We then went onto spending the day at the beach! the view was amazing and the sea was warm too!
I arrived back on wednesday and what's the first thing you do when you get back? you go out shopping with your best friend of course and you have cocktails at lunchtime and a massive catch up!

Yesterday I made one of my favourite meals of all time and favourite breakfast/brunch meal how can you beat poached eggs and salmon on toast?! I normally seem to over cook my poached eggs but these ones turned out perfect!
I've also started another instagram too. I'm having a massive clear out of so many of my clothes and saving to re-do my room up so this means massive declutter time! If you're looking for a bargain or just fancy a browse or a look at what I'm selling then please check out my second instagram @shopfashiontrain!
What have you been up to this week?
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Unknown said...

Love your pictures ! That blue drink looks so cool !

Holl JC said...

Looks like you've had a great week! That ice cream looks so yummy! xxx

Sylvie said...

looks like you've had a lovely week - your bikini is gorgeous! x

Becky Fearn said...

Looks like you had a great holiday and that cocktail looks and sounds amazing!!!

B xx

Unknown said...

The ice-cream and salmon/poached egg look so yummy!

Unknown said...

I absolutley LOVE poached eggs and salmon on toast!!!! Great shout :p .. love your blog and this post :-) x

Lived With Love said...

So jealous of these pics! haha! X

Latisha Campbell said...

that bikini is perfect omggg!

Emily said...

Absolutely lovely photos! Nothing better than travel!


Alami said...

kunjungan yang menarik, dan menambah banyak pengetahuan saya, "terimakasih

Laura M said...

Looks like you had an amazing week! I love your bikinis! Great photos, you have so sunny weather there. Sadly we don't, summer is ending :((
Your blog is so amazing that I couldn't leave your blog without pressing the button, follow this site! :)

Unknown said...

wonderful post lovely photo's, i lovely this kind of place


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