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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I don't think i've mentioned it yet but I'm having a massive clear out of old clothes to pay for a room makeover! I set up a 2nd instagram account and you can follow me HERE to check out my latest bargains! I accept payment via paypal and ship within 2 days! But onto the post! Feels like forever since I've done a wishlist post and I've got a bit of an obsession with River Island!
Velvet Check t-shirt - £28
Denim Shorts - £30
Kaleidoscope Print Trousers - £35
Embellished Cami Dress - £120
Animal Print Skirt - £15
Cut-out Patent Boots - £45
I'm loving River Island at the moment and they have so many items which I absolutely love! I love how quirky some of their pieces are and how they have a really fab footwear section and I love the prints on the clothes! I really love checks at the moment and velvet checks are even better this top is part of a two piece which is gorgeous! I've got an obsession with printed trousers at the moment and this pair has the most gorgeous print on them and would look fab with a plain white vest! I know it's uber expensive but how AMAAAAZING is this cami dress? I'm loving cut-out boots at the moment and these are TO DIE FOR!
Which items on your wishlist? What are you loving in River island at the moment?
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Unknown said...

I'm loving RI at the moment too - I ordered those cut out boots last night! Loving all the autumn clothes that are out in stores now eek.

Could you look at my blog and perhaps follow back?! :)

thank you xx

Unknown said...

I love the list !

Anonymous said...

I love everything!

xdivinechaos| Fashion&Beauty Blog

Jayne Emma said...

I adore that shirt and those shoes, I love river island!x

Electra Violet


its really beautiful accessories for girls.

Hollie Ryan said...

Love the velvet check shirt and the boots!

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