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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

I'm a massive fan of supermodel Jourdan Dunn and have always admired her style. I'm loving her off duty model looks and how she's not afraid to wear a pair of trainers and a beanie! I like how she wears her jeans skin tight to show off her amazing legs and how she always seems to wear a leather jacket to! I like her style as it's quite similar to the things I like wearing during the day myself!
 photo jdunn_zps3c9e7c3c.jpg
I love all her looks here especially the first look the simple leather jacket, white cami and black trousers combo with a pair of amazing boots! I also really like the bright pink jumper aswell as her matching suit in the last photo which I absolutely love! I love her style and here's my tips on how you can steal Jourdan Dunn's style!
 photo jd1_zps5f5d127c.jpg
1 - Black Leather Jacket - River Island
2 - Black Leather Boots - Office Shoes
3 - Bleach Acid Jeans - Topshop
4 - Millie Black Ostrich Bag - Marc B
5 - Cream Cami Top - Topshop
6 - Pink Cami Top - River Island
7 - Ragged Priest Beanie - Topshop
8 - Joni Jeans - Topshop

I think a leather jacket is a style essential for every girls wardrobe. Models seem to live in them for their 'off duty street style looks' and they are a perfect way for making that outfit have that 'extra' edge. I love these black leather boots and the cut out ankle boot trend is really popular with models lately and this real leather pair of office are divine! I think a pair of acid bleach jeans is another style essential to steal a models look as they are casual but can be dressed up but look amazing with a pair of ankle boots! Most models seem to have an over sized black bag and what's better than a marc b bag?! Cami Tops are really popular right now and they are great to just 'throw' on. I think a pair of skinny jeans, a beanie, a cami top and a leather jacket are a great way to steal Jourdan Dunn's look!
What do you think of her style? How would steal Jourdan's style?


Abbie said...

OMG she is perfection!!! xx

Unknown said...

She is one of my favorite models ever! She's absolutely gorgeous and her style is so fashionable and edgy. Great Post!!xx

Ayaan. A said...

She is definitely one of my fave models atm. She's gorgeous and I love how much leather she wears. Love her!

my daily london said...

She's amazing...


Emily said...

I adore Jourdans style!!!!
Love this post!

Be sure to hit me up if you get a chance!


Laura said...

OMG I love Jourdan's style, shes so effortlessly cool! Love this post!

L x

Stella said...

She looks nice without trying too much!
I like the jeans you picked!

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Anchi Li said...

She is one of my fave models.
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Unknown said...

Her style is amazing I love the way it's so laid back x

Ayaan. A said...

btw you missed the 'U' is Jourdan's name in the collage! x

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