Jorgen Simonsen x Osiris Event & VLOG!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

On Thursday I headed down to London (one of my fave things to do!) for not only the Next catwalk show but me and Lucy headed to The Gherkin to the Jorgen Simonsen & Osiris event with specsavers! I have never been so fascinated about glasses and I was interested to find out a lot of people at the event wore glasses normally with clear frames on a daily basis! (I just thought people which needed glasses wore glasses!)
 photo IMG_7765_zps0ed7c252.jpg  photo IMG_7795_zps0d87f713.jpg photo IMG_7769_zps7ab52811.jpg How gorgeous are the colours of these frames?! They are available in August from any specsavers store!  photo IMG_7781_zpsaa0bf8eb.jpg Talk by Jorgen Simonsen  photo IMG_7799_zpsabc88513.jpg photo IMG_7804_zps61c26062.jpg photo IMG_7807_zpsdf96f139.jpg photo IMG_7809_zpscde55049.jpg Giles Deacon & Henry Holland (having a bromance!)  photo IMG_7788_zpsae79c57b.jpg
Because everyone needs some metallic painted topless men in their lives!  photo IMG_7791_zps1538a852.jpg yummy sushi!  photo IMG_7796_zps0abf63db.jpg photo IMG_7819_zps4dff8ded.jpg photo IMG_7816_zps2052688c.jpg Chilling with Henry Holland (aaaaah!) I filmed a v-log of the day and you can check it out here!
What do you think of the glasses? Would you wear them purely for fashion reasons?
 photo xoxo_zpsef0b558b.jpg


Unknown said...

I love sushis so much !

Gabs said...

Wow so jealous! I want some spec so bad, might purposefully fail an eye test xx

Deejay Speaks said...

this looked like such a fun event, I'd wear a few of these glasses for fashionable purposes lol
Deejay Speaks

Lucy said...

Well isn't Henry Holland just gooorgeous?! Great photos x

Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

Lindsey Elizabeth Pritchard said...

You lucky girl getting to meet Henry! I have to wear glasses all the time and it's amazing how many times I get asked if my glasses are real.

Lindsey. x

Hannah-nah-nah said...

Personally, for someone who's as blind as a bat without my glasses~ people that wear glasses as a fashion accessory seems silly to me! But at the same time, wearing my glasses give me a completely different look then when I wear contacts~ I remember years ago when Nobody want to wear glasses!

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