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Monday, June 17, 2013

I've become completely obsessed with era's lately and since buying my first pair of mom jeans in Topshop i've become more and more obsessed with the 80's! I'm loving 80's films and music and becoming more and more obsessed with the 80's fashion icons and fashion trends!
 photo 80s_zpsdc5299e6.jpg
This collage is to show you all some of my favourite 80's items at the moment! I love the mom jeans trend and love looking at how people wore them in the 80's! I love playing super mario and I'm completely fixated by polaroids and really want a old fashioned camera! (one of lifes ambitions to get one!) currently music magpie are running a competition to win this amazing 80's retro games bundle which makes me want to get my gameboy out and start playing super mario! you can check out all the items you could win here! I am also loving the new sell your clothes option in which you can revamp your wardrobe and sell your old clothes!
What do you think of the 80's? Which is your favourite item on my list?


Shaie said...

I liked the 80s post. Im a 90s kid but I love Super Mario and the Polaroid camera.

Sylvie said...

the topshop mom jeans look so lovely! xxx

the ineffable soul said...

i am glad the 80's are making a come back! i sort of want to try mom jeans but i always stick to skinny jeans so i'm a little apprehensive :P x

The Style Rawr said...

I loved my polaroid camera! I definitely want a new one. ;)


Unknown said...

I love the polaroid camera, I really want to get one for summer <3

Sincerely Shug said...

Love this post! x

Sher said...

Love the 80's. but I love being a 90's child even more!

my daily london said...

Great post!

Ria said...

I adore everything about the 80's, love the polaroid camera xoxo

Unknown said...

Ahhhh super mario... amazing!!

Kylie x

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