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Monday, June 10, 2013

Yesterday was literally the best sunday in the history of sundays! I absolutely loved every single last second of parklife festival and I was so happy to have been invited by and it was so nice to go to Manchester again! I have photos on my camera i'll probably put into a post but for now here's what happened via instagram photos! woooo!
 photo ins1_zpsadff613f.jpg
1 - On the train at 8.30am on my way to Manchester!
2 - My hotel room for the night (this was the BIGGEST bed i've ever seen!) and it was definitely the comfiest sleep I've had in a long time!
 photo ins2_zpsf904dd5a.jpg
3 - My boohoo goodybag full of festival treats, yummy snacks and a onesie (yes!)
4 - Once everyone met at the hotel lobby we went to an amazing diner called Home Sweet Home for bucks fizz and brunch!
 photo ins3_zpsff25aa2c.jpg
5 - My brunch - Salmon and scrambled eggs on a bagel! (heaven on a plate!)
6 - My parklife festival ticket!
 photo ins4_zps9b3e9b71.jpg
7 - Reunited with one of my favourite people ever Rosie! and I love everytime I see her as we always have SO much fun!
8 - I really wanted to go on this ferris wheel! (it looked so cool!)
 photo ins5_zpsb8aae7e7.jpg
9 - All aboard the boohoo bus! (this bus was so so so so cool!)
10 - Making DIY Sunglasses with Leanne from Thunder and threads! (stolen from her instagram but I love this photo so much!)
 photo ins6_zps74fa33dc.jpg
11 - My DIY sunglasses at the Boohoo tent!
12 - With Zoe, Chyaz and Leanne rocking our boohoo diy sunglasses!
 photo ins7_zps19378689.jpg
13 - A bit later on me and Rosie went to go see Iggy Azalea! She was amazing and looking gorgeous two in a matching two piece!
14 - I really wanted a picture buy the parklife sign so here's one with me next to the 'R'!
 photo ins8_zpse208e3ac.jpg
15 - Me and Rosie saw Rita Ora, Example, Simeon Mobile Disco and a few other acts but my favourite act of the day was definitely DJ Fresh! It was so so so so good and the atmosphere was absolutely electric! Me and Rosie had so much fun and I would have taken some more snaps but my phone died at this point! (silly iphones!)
16 - After Parklife we went to a bar and had the most amazing drinks! (sadly I can't remember the name of mine) but it was rum and a lot of tropical juices! When I got back to my hotel room I was beyond exhausted but so excited to have a relaxing bath!
Thankyou SO much to Boohoo for the best sunday ever at Parklife festival and I had the best time ever! Thanks so much to Rosie and the team from Boohoo too! I am now obsessed with festivals and next year definitely I want to go to as many as I can afford! They are so much fun and a great excuse to dress comfy and bring out the hunter wellies!
If you want to see more updates from the festival my instagram username is @fashiontrain and for those of you who've asked about my outfit from the day here are the links all from boohoo(*)!
Crop Top - Boohoo
Shorts - Boohoo
Belt - Boohoo
Parka Jacket - Boohoo
Bag - Boohoo
Are you going to any festivals this year? Who would you want to watch at a festival?


PeachyRage said...

Looks like fun!Loving the glasses you made too! x

Unknown said...

Aww looks like you made lots of fun!

The Style Rawr said...

Awww, this sounded amazing! I really wnat to meet Rosie, she seems like a total babe.


Unknown said...

Looks like you had an AH-mazing time! I'm so jealous aha:) It's so cool that you got a onesie as well! I definitely need to go to a festival.. x

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

It looked like soo much fun! :)
Jessica xx

Violet said...

oh this looks like a nice trip!

glad you had fun


GeorginaGoodman said...

looks amazing!!

Anonymous said...

This looks like loads of fun. I love all the pictures!


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