My Week In Instagram #10

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Feels like forever since I last did a 'My week in Instagram' post but I've really got into posting more on Instagram at the moment! I love to let you all know what I'm up to and see what you think of my posts! I'd have quite a long stressful week with some university deadlines but it's not the weekend and it's time to relax! So here's some of what I've been to posting on Instagram!
 photo insta1_zpsa33194f2.jpg
1 - Connor Maynard at the Claire's E-Lauch party in London
2 - When I met Cheska from Made In Chelsea
 photo insta2_zpsa6144986.jpg
3 - Dominoes!
4 - When I finally got my hands on the new copy of Vogue!
 photo insta3_zpsf09740cb.jpg
5 - My favourite breakfast!
6 - On the train back from Manchester! (anyone who hasn't tried on of these chocolate bars needs to try one!)
 photo insta4_zps0ae88b8d.jpg
7 - Dyed my hair again!
8 - Became obsessed with Gosh Cosmetics...  photo insta5_zpsce0a55a5.jpg
9 - Look how pretty Birmingham is!
10 - Fajita night with the flatmates!  photo insta6_zpsa7fcf5f4.jpg
11 - Found a diet coke bottle with my name on!
12 - Fell in love with my new dress <3
What have you been up to this week? Don't forget to follow my adventure through Instagram my username is 'FASHIONTRAIN'!


Janiecyxo said...

Wow it looks like you had an amazing week. I love Conor Maynard he so adorable. Your Black and White striped dress is beautiful. <3

xo, Janiecy

katymitten said...

Next time you have a pizza, can ya make sure to invite me over please.
thaaaanks xx

The Little's.

Holl JC said...

Seems like you've had a great time recently! So jealous that you got to meet Cheska from made in Chelsea! And dominoes really is the best! xxx

Anonymous said...

What a busy time you have had!! Looks like you have had fun

Lexie xx

Anonymous said...

You week looks soo busy but amazing at the same time :)
Jessica xx

The Style Rawr said...

I love your new hair! How foxy do you look in that stripey dress? RAWR!


Floral Danielle said...

How yummy is the Malteasers chocolate bar?! :)

Oh My Style said...

stunning photos <3 love your new hair colour :)

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