Ladies Day at Aintree with Matalan at the Grand Nationals!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Sometimes the opportunities which i've had from blogging are actually INSANE and this was one of them! I was lucky enough to go to Ladies Day with Matalan last year and I was so so so happy to be invited again! (Yay!) I managed to get the day off work and find an outfit too. I was so excited to go again for another ladies day!
 photo IMG_6093-1.jpg
I love going to ladies day just to see what people are wearing as everyone looks so smart, sleek and very stylish! I love seeing the people which aren't afraid to break the style boundaries and dress to stand out from the crowd!
 photo IMG_5981-1.jpg
My favourite part of the day is actually the Matalan style show and competition! I love seeing people enter to the competition and the models and the clothes from the style show too! My favourite model BB Kaye was there again too! (yay ;)) Here are a few of the photos from the style competition!
 photo IMG_5901-1.jpg  photo IMG_5854.jpg
 photo IMG_5851-1.jpg
 photo IMG_5823-1.jpg
and here are some snaps of the S/S Matalan ranges from the style show!
 photo IMG_5964.jpg
 photo IMG_5942.jpg
 photo IMG_5902.jpg
 photo IMG_5894-1.jpg
 photo IMG_5884-1.jpg
let's all stop for a moment and take in this beautiful sight...  photo IMG_5882-1.jpg

and i just had to post this too...
 photo IMG_5999-1.jpg
 photo IMG_6094-1.jpg
Danielle, Me and Jess with Jeff Brazier!

I had an amazing day at Aintree and it was so so lovely to be invited as a guest of Matalan again! It was great to meet Kat Graham at Darren who work with Matalan too! I will add the rest of the photos to my facebook page but sadly some have been lost due to camera problems!!! (noooooo!) Thanks so much to Carat Manchester & Matalan it was such a great day and I loved being treated like a VIP!


Demilade said...

These pictures are lovely and everyone looks stylish. I'm sure you had a lot of fun. x

Sylvie said...

looks like you had a lovely day! xxx

GeorginaGoodman said...

looks like soooo much fun :D

Jess Heath MUFX said...

I can't stand the Grand National but this side of things does look super fun. You look gorgeous, I love your dress and BB is such a sweetie eh!!

Unknown said...

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Lucy Loves To Blog said...

You look gorgeous and it sounds like you had such a great day xx

Lucy Loves To Blog

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