Royal Style: Kate Middleton’s best hair trends

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Duchess of Cambridge was recently voted again this year, and it’s no wonder when you consider just how stylish she really is. With her retro yet chic style and incredibly tasteful fashion sense, Kate Middleton is a constant inspiration for ladies all over the nation.
She has some of the best hair around, whether it’s swept up into an intricate up-do, or left down in tousled waves. Here are just a few of our favourite Kate styles:
The Engagement

On 16th November 2010 Kate Middleton and Prince William announced their engagement. This picture is possibly one of the most iconic ones of Kate just after the official announcement, in which her layered hair has been sweetly curled to frame her face.
The Wedding Day

Practically the whole of the UK was watching when Kate Middleton walked down the aisle to marry Prince William. Her wedding dress rivalled Princess Diana’s in terms of style, and her hair elegant hairstyle rounded off the outfit perfectly. She went for a classy half-up half-down style that was topped by the Queen’s Cartier tiara.
Ringlet Curls

Kate’s go-to style seems to be a gently waved look with ringlet curls at the ends, giving it a beautifully old-fashioned vibe that we just love.
Accessorised Up-dos

Kate seemed to take a leaf out of Chanel’s book with this style, which features peal hairpins much-like those seen on the catwalk. The chignon hairstyle perfectly complements the Duchess’ outfit and makes for a great formal up-do. You’ll need lots of hair pins and grips to make this style stay in place though!
Face-framing Fringe

Towards the end of 2012 Kate Middleton debuted her new haircut, which featured a face-framing side fringe. If you want to try out this style without having your hair cut consider investing in a winge (wig fringe).
Kate Middleton is without a doubt a style icon, and her hairstyle choices have much more sway than you might expect. Whether you’re looking to copy her style completely or put your own spin on it, visit Hershesons today to get all the hair help you need.


Unknown said...

I have such hair envy of Kate Middleton! It's so long and thick and just plain gorgeous! I console myself in the knowledge that she probably have a team of stylists running around after her every three minutes to brush and re-curl her hair......she does have this right? Because no ones hair can be that naturally incredible!

Alexandra Lauren Rose

Ally J said...

She does have great hair, it always looks so healthy and bouncy!


Ellen Grace said...

Love her casual curled look, shes so beautiful!


Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

She's so pretty and yes, her hair is gorgg!

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Just Another Shopaholic said...

She is so gorgeous and so is her hair!! Jealous!!

Megan said...

Her hair is always so amazing, The pearls especially look gorgeous x

One Little Moose

Rosie Cumberlidge said...

She literally has theee most beautiful hair. I quite often try to style mine like hers, she's definitely my hair muse! Can't choose which style I like best because they're all stunning!


Unknown said...

I remember watching the royal wedding with my friends, but texting my mum about the dresses t the same time haha.


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