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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When you're given the task to pick out party shoes I'm always like a kid in a candy store! So no suprise when logging onto Office and thinking of all the pretty shoes in the world you could get for £100 and under knowing they had a sale on is like christmas!
Whether you're looking for that pair of shoes to go with your party outfit for christmas day of new years or whether you're just looking for that pair of shoes to completely transform your party outfit this christmas take some inspiration from these beautiful shoes!
1 - Objection Red Suede Shoes - £65
2 - Jeffrey Campbell Mary high heels - £50
3 - Step to the beat purple microfibre wedges - £15
4 - Salsa Queen Black Glitter Heels - £65
5 - Oversize Black Suede Wedges - £70
6 - Orbital Nude Suede Heels - £70
7- Jeffrey Campbell Mary High Heels in Red - £50
8 - Gold Lace Print Wedges - £20

Just looking at these shoes makes me want to buy them all! My favourites definitely have to be the Jeffrey Campbells or the gold lace wedges for £20! What an absolute bargain and bank card I apologise in advance for any impulse spending on shoes which might happen very soon...
Which shoes are your favourite? Which would you wear?


The Girl In The Tartan Scarf said...

Ooooooo the Jeffrey Campbells are my favourite! I'd probably break a leg or two but it would be worth it! :)

An uninventive name said...

they are all so pretty!!! i think i like eight the best but i would happily accept any of these! xx

LiteraryLeisha said...


Unknown said...

I love #5, but sadly i'd probably be falling over all over the place in them, they're sooo high!!
The gold lace wedges are very cute too :)


Everything 5 Pounds said...

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Unknown said...

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