My Christmas Wishlist!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Every year is the same, you put together a list in the hope that you'll receive everything on it. I know after putting this list together I'll probably receive the DVD and the socks and I'll buy myself the top! I have set myself the target of not just having this christmas list but for during the year when I can afford to buy more things to actually get myself EVERYTHING on the list!
1. Duvet - Cath Kidston
2. Boots - Daisy Street
3. Blue Disco Pants - American Apparel
4. Marc Jacobs Lola - Feel Unique
5. Five Year Engagement -
6. Checkered Scarf - Ebay
7. Socks - Topshop
8. Apple 4S - Carphone Warehouse
9. LA Top - Topshop
So Here it is my christmas wishlist! I absolutely love Cath Kidston and this duvet set is just adorable! Slightly pricey but once I have one it'll last forever! For months I've wanted to get a pair of these boots and hopefully I'll have some on my feet soon! Disco Pants are a style staple of mine. Most days I won't be seen without wearing a fake pair or my real black ones (they are so worth the money!) Another item I've always wanted is a designer perfume and who doesn't love Marc Jacobs Lola! I wanted to see Five Year Engagement at the cinema and never got the chance to and now it's out on DVD! having no TV at university I do have lots of film nights in. This would be a perfect watch with a bar of galaxy after a long stressful day! Checkered scarves have been seen everywhere and the only place I can seem to find one is Ebay! I can't wait to finally own one! Every christmas I've got a massive obsession with buying socks and I'll hopefully purchase these socks soon! (yay!) Since my contract ran out and I've seen the 4S in white i've wanted it for so long! hopefully once I've found some more part time work I'll be able to treat myself to an upgrade without breaking the bank! I really like this top! It would be great with disco pants, skater skirts and jeans!
Which item are you lusting after? Which do you think I should buy first?


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said...

I love the socks and the scarf! xo

Jessica Roseanne Latchman said...

ahhh I've been wanting lola for ages I'm in love with the bottle! <3

Unknown said...

A fellow disco pant lover <3

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Holl JC said...

The boots are lovely! And the Cath Kidston bed spread is gorgeous! xxx

loveCaits said...

The Lola perfume is one of my favourites! Smells gorgeous :) love the boots too and disco pants loom amazing on you songo for them :) xxx

Law1sfab said...

That's a good list Becca, I really want to try and get some new perfume. xx

Ellen Grace said...

Lovely wishlist! Love the boots and I have that marc jacobs perfume and it smells amazing1


Laura said...

Love the blue disco pants too, i just ordered a copy pair from Daisy Street, £20 bargain!! x

Temi said...

Great wishlist! I love those boots and I really want an iPhone too but i'm so clumsy i'm sure i'll break it the day i get it!


Lucy Loves To Blog said...

I'd love some real disco pants, maybe I'll treat myself in the new year. Love the boots too xx

Lucy Loves To Blog

Some Girl said...

the socks are so cute! and ive been wanting lola for years as well!

Marie said...

I think you should buy those disco pants. I've seen several of your posts about these beautiful blue ones, so i hope you get them for Christmas, however if you don't, treat yourself and buy them!


Unknown said...

I loooove Cath Kidston bedding! I've had a duvet and pillow set for a couple of years now, and I just love how cute and girly it is!
Bemsy x

Unknown said...

Lola by Marc Jacobs is gorgeous I wear it everyday! :)
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