Happy Christmas!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas is such a special time of year. Not just because of the story of baby Jesus but it's a time of year where we celebrate being with our loved ones and spend time together over good food and give and receive presents. It's been a lovely day today and here's just a few snaps I've taken on my camera!
Photobucket The family christmas tree! Photobucket Everyone's presents! Photobucket Yummy Sweets! Photobucket Christmas Bunting! Photobucket Mum's reindeer which she made! Photobucket Sprouts & Parsnips! Photobucket The dinner table! Photobucket Checking the radio times! Photobucket My Soap & Glory Gift Set!
1 - Time to open the Quality Streets! 2 - My very excited little sister when she first saw the presents! Photobucket
3 - Just Dance 4! (If you don't have it it's super fun!) 4 - The only time of the year it's acceptable to have Salmon for breakfast!

Have you had a good christmas? Hope Santa's been good to you all! You can follow my intsagram here!


Kay said...

I love the reindeer's they would make great book ends.
Merry christmas x

Ava Tallulah said...

I thought I was the only one who had smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels for breakfast haha, guess I was wrong!

Looks like you had a nice day :)

Merry Christmas.

Ava Tallulah

Holl JC said...

Gorgeous pictures! Hope you had a great day! xxx

Shaie said...

Its nice to see that you had a great Christmas. Also that you still put Jesus into the whole thing because thats what Christmas is about. I loved the pictures. I follow u on instagram as well. Well Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Ellen Grace said...

Santa was great to me too :) And I got the same Soap&Glory set, looks like you had a great day! Happy christmas


HEYLJ.COM said...

Merry Christmas!

xox LJ

Check out my Blog:

Ella said...

Merry Christmas to you too! Looks like you had a great day and your gifts are great xx

Anonymous said...


I just came across your blog and definitely loved this post. The pictures are so festive, love it! Hope you had a brill Christmas Day.


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