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Sunday, December 16, 2012

I've now jumper on the fake fur coat bandwagon! I wasn't keen on fur coats to begin with but ever since trying one on they are the warmest things in the WORLD! My coat is from Daisystreet(*) which was a kind gift for attending their press day a couple of weeks ago! I absolutely love it!
Coat - Daisystreet(*)
Jumper - Topshop
Scarf - Primark
Disco Pants - American Apparel @ ASOS
Boots - My 1st Wish (*)

I love this outfit it's so warm and wintery! I love this bright red scarf I picked up in Primark a few weeks ago! It definitely goes with everything! I adore this coat and I definitely haven't felt this warm in a while outside! It's so cold!

This coat is perfect for layering with jumpers, shirts and trousers! If you haven't checked out Daisy Street then you really should! They're such a contender with other retailers at the moment and they have some of the nicest photos in the world!
Photobucket Photobucket
What do you think of this coat? Have you got a faux fur coat?


Unknown said...

Gorgeous outfit, that coat is literally amaaaazing!xx

Robyn Roxburgh said...

I spotted that coat at the event and it was SO soft! Looks really beautiful on! I already have a black faux fur coat from Boohoo that I'm obsessed with! They're so warm aren't they?! I've literally worn it non stop since I got it a month ago.

Robyn Mayday

Unknown said...

Your coat is gorgeous and it looks super cosy too! I love the red scarf with this outfit, adds a nice pop of colour xx

Joelle Owusu said...

I haven't got one yet, it's shocking! I don't know whether to get a dark one or a beige/creamy one one! I'll have a look on the DaisyStreet site for inspiration! :)

Englishian said...

I can't live without a faux fur coat, this one is cuuute!

P.S We missed you at SWBXmas today!

The Style Rawr!

Temporary:Secretary said...

Looking lovely, Becca! That's a lovely coat! I have a faux fur coat from ebay - i got it for 99p! It's not quite the right colour for me though and I don't get much wear out of it. I think I've got my eye on a black one, i shall be checking out daisystreet! x

Anonymous said...

I love this coat. I was the same too but I'm starting to come round. I love this outfit, the flash of colour from the scarf looks great.

Nicole said...

This post is lovely becca! I love reading your outfit photos, and your pictures look beautiful :)
I love fur coats, keeps you so warm during the cold winter weather yet you can still look stylish ! And looks perfect with the disco pants x

Jessica Roseanne Latchman said...

I love this coat! I'm actually trying to find a nice faux fur one at the moment,looking gorgeous as always :)xxx

Lucy Loves To Blog said...

It's lovely and looks great with the disco pants and shoes. I love Daisy Street, they are so reasonably priced xx

Lucy Loves To Blog

Michelle Loreto said...

So cute, love the disco pants!

x Michelle |

Holl JC said...

Lovely outfit! And your coat looks so warm! Perf for the weather! xxx

Sam said...

I LOVE faux fur - funnily enough just posted about some of my faves, but been saving my disco pant-fur combo to showcase later this week! Lovely outfit.

Sam Muses xx
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m-laura said...

I absolutely love faux fur in the winter!
looking gorgeous as usual hun!
maybe you could follow me back?


Laura said...

Love the jacket!!!! You look beautiful, also loving the pop of red from the scarf!

Deejay Speaks said...

that coat is cute, I like the mic of textures in this outfit!

History Of Pictures of Tayyab Khakan said...

Amazing outfit.I like your dress color. So nice.

Unknown said...

love this faux fur coat!! i have something in a grey colour a tiny bit similar :)

Joel Salmon said...

Who wouldn’t love that coat? It really looks cozy and stylish. I have a black fur coat that I love to use, but it is damaged already so I need to find a new one. :) I know I might be a careless owner, but I never meant to destroy it. I hope I could find another coat like that. :)

[ Joel Salmon ]

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