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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Boohoo have really upped their game lately! I don't know whether its because now I'm a student their prices are so affordable or the fact their items are so on trend! I love finding gems on Boohoo which no-one else seems to have and this bralet really stuck out to me when I was contacted by Boohoo to take part in their #partypose campaign!
Bralet - Boohoo(*)
Plether Skirt - Ark Clothing
Boots - Spy Love Buy(*)
I chose this outfit as at the moment I live in this skirt! It's great for wearing down during the day with a baggy jumper/oversized t-shirt and fab for dressing up at night with heels, a bralet/blouse of crop top!
What do you think of this outfit? Do you like bralets?


Unknown said...

Cuuuute! You look stunning! I really like bralets, but they don't sell them in stores over here in the netherlands (barely) and I'm kinda affraid they won't fit as good as O hope when I order one.. any tips?

xx Ieke

TokyoLeigh said...
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TokyoLeigh said...

Ah, I love this! Boohoo are amazing!
You look stunning hun!

I'm new and I'm at

Hope we can become friends!
Tifa x x

Lucy Loves To Blog said...

I love the bralet, my boobs don't normally fit in bralets which is so annoying because I love them.

Lucy Loves To Blog

Unknown said...

I'm in love with bralets at the moment, I want to own everyone I see including this one!

Ellen Grace said...

I absolutely love this outfit, perfect for a night out around christmas! Love the pleather skirt and that bralet is so special


Fran Leanne said...

Very cute party outfit!


Unknown said...

I love bralets but I have no idea what I'd wear them with! I'm not one to show my midrif off as it scares me a little! :P

Cute outfit by the way! x

Holl JC said...

Lovely outfit! Love your skirt! xxx

Some Girl said...

so lovely, you look amazing!
keep blogging!

Laura said...

Beautiful dress, you look lovely as always!

Unknown said...

the bralet is so cute!!! so obsessed with sparkles!


Sam said...

I am totally obsessed with bralets, but they need to make them in bra sizes (Come On!!). Loving Boohoo atm, got my partypose outfit all set to go (and I'm in love), but my blog is in blogger challenge overload right now!

Sam Muses xx

Everything 5 Pounds said...

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Hollie Ryan said...

Love the Pleather skirt!

GeorginaGoodman said...

PERFECT skirt!!

Wendy Lu said...

This has got to be the cutest outfit EVER! I love the bralet (so THAT'S what it is called, lol) and skirt together. I saw a clutch purse from ALDO the other day that would go so well with this outfit. Nice choices. :) A little too chilly for the winter though, I must say haha.

Hope you're doing well, dear. xoxo

~Wendy Lu

The Red Angel Blog

Becky said...

Love this outfit! Very cute! The top especially :)

katymitten said...

hello sexy legs out! love this sweetoutfit, the leather skirt is a doll.. and you are totally rocking the bralet! xx

Unknown said...

cute outfit! love the bralet :)

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